Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tower of Terror Projection Show Envisioned for DLP Walt Disney Studios Park ?

According to our always well informed friends of ED92 a possible new night show could come at Walt Disney Studios Park:

"This will take the form of a show of video-projections and other special effects on the façade which will be refurbished soon of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Somewhat in the same spirit as in its acclaimed inaugural show in 2008.

This new production would come for the next Christmas season - so in just a few months - to help to better distribute the guests and would be play thereafter as needed: Christmas Season, Marvel Nights - the Tony Stark Parties which ED92 already mentioned earlier, Star Wars evenings, Halloween Season. Note that this show would not be everyday, but only on periods of high attendance and future special evenings."

Let me tell you that nothing could be better as a WDS night show than to have a show similar to the TOT opening show on the facade of the TOT. When it was held for the opening of the TOT, where i was invited, the first thing i said to myself when i came out, so the show had been stunning, was "but why don't they do a night show like this every night for the guests?!? ". Obviously it was a question of money, but in the meantime technology has improved and projections shows costs are less expensive so if ED92 is right may be we'll finally get it!

In the meantime, for those of you who were not there during this memorable TOT grand opening evening, here is the full show which, because of its length, is on several videos, and in 480p only as at that time the digital cameras filming in Full HD were not really available. Note that we may not have an exactly similar show as this Grand Opening show involved dozens of extras in addition to the projections, though the smart decision to guarantee an instant success would be to do an exactly similar one.

That said, note that apparently they did tests a few weeks ago with Star Wars footage, so may be they'll use the facade for a Star Wars projection show, though there will be a serious problem of meaning to have a Star Wars show on the TOT facade as there is no link between both. A meaning problem they don't have with the Disney Dreams show as DLP castle is the symbol for any Disney fairy tale, not only Sleeping Beauty.

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Brandon Piazza said...

I think this is a great idea! I have feeling if it's successful it will be coming to Florida as the Disney studios is underpopulated and going throug massive refurbs over the next 5 years!