Saturday, June 30, 2012

HKDL Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars POV Daylight Video !

Thanks to Marco, we have the first POV video on daylight of HKDL Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars! Here it is below and tomorrow and the next days i will post a full pictorial report on HKDL Grizzly Gulch seen on all angles, day and night! So, make sure to come back on D&M to check this exclusive photo report thanks to Marco and Keith, two faithful D&M readers living in Hong Kong!

In addition, i also post this Imagineering video in which Imagineer Ali Rubinstein presents Grizzly Gulch!

Video: copyright Marco, Hong Kong Disneyland

Stefan Zwanzger, The "Theme Park Guy" Introduces the Theme Park Construction Board, and it's a GREAT Idea

Stefan Zwanzger is "The Theme Park Guy" site web master, and probably no one else deserves the title of "theme park guy" more than him. If you have a look at his reports around the world you'll see that Stefan have been everywhere! And nothing is stopping him! He did reports on parks not only all over Europe, Asia or America but also on some in Iran, North Korea (!) and even climbed through the jungle of the hills over Hong Kong Disneyland just to take the "perfect shots" over the park!

For almost 5 years now he has travelled to theme parks around the world and come to appreciate these colossal playgrounds in all their stages: newly announced, under construction, solidly operating or desolately decaying. It's a bit like the Four Seasons, with each one of them parading their own characteristic beauty. But Stefan is particularly in love with the construction phase. The development of theme parks has evolved into an extremely refined modern art form, creating breathing fantasy worlds rising from plain, flat land with a level of sophistication and detail never seen before. Nonetheless, with theme park construction all over the world, and knowing that he can't be everywhere at the same time Stefan launched something great which is called the "Theme Park Construction Board" that you will find HERE.

Not only - as you can see on the screen capture above - the board is talking about all theme parks projects currently happening around the world but the great idea is that each of you can bring YOUR special reports on these projects, whether it is latest news, or pictures and videos that you've shot near the construction site. Stefan made the site extremely easy to use for everyone who wants to participate, and whatever the country you live in there is probably a theme park project not so far from your home. So, i strongly support Stefan's initiative, the "Theme Park Construction Board" and suggest that you jump right now to his board and become part of the adventure!

WDI Imagineers Stories about Cars Land

There's nothing better than listening WDI Imagineers explaining their work, and when these are the one who built Cars Land you'll understand why you must not miss this 12 minutes video below!

Talking about Cars Land, Imagineer Tom Morris was the Creative Director on Radiator Springs Racer and on this next video from Inside the Magic you're invited to join him on Radiator Springs Racer while Tom gives a great commentary about the ride!

Tom did another and interesting video for GamerTV in which he depicts the creative process of Cars Land.

Finally, those who've been at DCA since its reopening may have notice that Disney California Adventure have a new "Welcome" spiel, and it sounds pretty good as you will hear in this video filmed by Mint Crocodile.

One more thing: you may have noticed that the DCA slide show header is no longer there. What happened is that the slide show file was apparently too "heavy" for Photobucket - because it was over 10 megas - and so they removed it!! If i find a way to put it back you can be sure that i will do it, and will let you know!

Videos: copyright Disney, Inside the Magic, Mint crocodile

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Video of Hong Kong Disneyland Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars !

We will end this amazing week with the very first video of Hong Kong Disneyland Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars coaster! No, the land won't be open before July 14 but tonight was organized a cast-members-families preview night party and that's why the video below posted by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette is a NIGHT video of the ride. We'll have to wait a bit more for a day version in which of course you will see much more of the land. That said, considering how difficult it is to film not only on a coaster but at night (specially for the focus) Hong Kong Main Street Gazette did a good job, and you even have "two" filmed versions in the video below!

No need to say that the video is full of spoilers and that anyone who plan to go at HKDL anytime soon shouldn't watch it. That said, this coaster ride seems to go pretty damn' fast! And if you don't know yet the ride storyline - which is helpful to understand what's happening and why with the ride scenes - just go to my previous article HERE. Beware, plenty of spoilers, too.

Video: copyright Hong Kong Main Street Gazette

Tokyo Disney Sea Toy Story Mania - Part Two - Pictures and Videos !

Here is the part two of the report about the amazing Toy Story Mania at Tokyo Disney Sea, thanks to the help for the pictures of the japanese web site Deep Disney. You will also see new videos and if you haven't seen yet the part one don't miss it HERE.

We will have a closer look today not only to exterior decor elements but also to the queue decor of Toy Story Mania. All pictures are from Deep Disney, except where indicated. But let's begin with a first video that will show you a panoramic view of the Toy Ville Trolley Park area as seen from the entrance.

The next picture is showing the outside queue line area.

Others pictures of decor elements close to the entrance.

Still in soft-opening and already a 60 min wait!

The additional Blazin' Buckaroo midway game, not open yet. How to play? Simple, run in place as fast as you can!

At Wonder Wagon nearby guests can animate a scene with Woody by turning the wheel.

Yes!, Mr Potato Head animatronic is here and he's talking in japanese! You'll find him at the Toy Box Playhouse not far from the entrance.

Nice visuals beside its theatre... ( Photo: Tokyo DisneySweets that you can follow @dreamsweetslove on twitter )

Here is two videos of Mr Potato Head AA. There is a difference between them (on him) will you find it?

Others nice visuals nearby...

It's time to get inside Toy Story Mania to discover the queue decor! the guests are in fact entering Andy's room through a giant door. ( Photos: Tokyo DisneySweets, ISatochi )

The fact that TDS guests are supposed to be in Andy's room gives the perfect alibi to oversized all queue decor elements. You'll notice also that some elements used in toy Story Land in others parks find a new home here as TDR parks don't have a Toy Story Land. ( Photos: Deep Disney )

Others pictures from Tokyo Disney Sweets and arrival at the boarding room.

The TSM vehicles at the exit and the screen with the scores.

Those of you wondering how near is located Toy Ville Trolley Park from the TDS Tower of Terror will find the answer in the pictures below. The answer is: pretty close!...but finally not that close to the Columbia ship which is located on the other side of the TOT.

Photos: Deep Disney, Tokyo Disney Sweets, ISatochi

Follow Deep Disney at and Tokyo DisneySweets @dreamsweetslove on twitter

Disneyland Paris World of Disney Store Video

You saw last week some pics of the new World of Disney Store to open at Disneyland Paris on July 12, and today let's have a closer look at it with this excellent video posted on Youtube by Disneyland Paris. The store will be twice as big as the current Disney Store in the Disney Village and, good news, it will have exclusive merchandise products. The two Mickey and Minnie bronze statues are in fact coming from the NY Disney Store ( i knew i had seen them somewhere! ).

video: copyright Disney

Photo: copyright News Parcs

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HKDL Grizzly Gulch Update - New Videos !

Grizzly Gulch, the awaited new land of HKDL will open on July 14 - it's now official - and to keep you waiting here is some new videos posted recently by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette. On the first video below filmed from the top of the Tarzan tree, you'll see the big Grizzly mountain train coming up the big lift...just to suddenly go backward when the cable suddenly broke.

This, of course, is part of the storyline, it's not real. Well, actually the train is going backward for real, what is not real is that the cable is breaking. Look well on the top right of the video, at the machine over the one with the steam and you'll see how the "broken cable" comes back in place before the next train goes up...before breaking up again. Well done. even if the same scene with the train climbing the lift is repeated don't go away as in the second part of the video you will see some tests on the geysers of Grizzly Gulch!

On this next one you'll see a different footage showing the big geyser test.

This last video is great as it shows the night lighting tests on Big Grizzly Mountain!

Come back soon on D&M for the latest news about Grizzly gulch opening!

Pictures and videos: copyright Hong Kong Main Street Gazette

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WDI Flying Dragon : Here is how the illusion will work at its best

I'd like to take a minute or two to come back to this amazing animated flying dragon which was seen recently above the Shafter-Minter Field airport in California, during one of its top-secret flight. Everybody did immediately the link with the WDI patent below, and there is no doubt that both are linked.

But many also thought instantly to the upcoming Avatar land at Animal Kingdom and it's indeed reasonable to think that this flying dragon has been created for a use in the Avatar land. Except that the dragon will probably need to be slightly rethemed to have the perfect look of Avatar creatures as, as you can see below, the dragon with its design is not totally identical to Avatar “Ikrans”...

Then John frost of the Disney Blog in one of his recent posts said that the dragon could very well be used during Shanghaî Disneyland grand opening celebrations, and i think John got a good point here. He's definitely right, specially considering how important the dragon is in chinese mythology.

But there is still something bothering me in this flying dragon. Don't get me wrong, i think WDI latest invention is great. If they succeed to have an animated flying dragon, and one who is breathing fire every guest will be amazed. But, still, there is something which will avoid the illusion to "work" totally. What, you ask? Have a look at the picture below. You got it, it's the kite over it . The huge fan behind the pilot can eventually become invisible from a distance, and the sound of it be covered by the sound of the show, but seeing this huge kite over the dragon obviously destroy the illusion.

So, how could they do it? My guess is that the illusion will work well with a use during night shows only. The kite could have a black color instead of white which will help to have it "disappearing" in the night background and they could eventually use one of these giant lights to illuminate and "follow" only the dragon during its flight over the audience. There is one other point, though, which could be a problem. These ultralight aircrafts are notoriously dangerous, and a night flight with these doesn't help to feel it'll be more safe. Except that in this case it will probably never be a "long" flight. The dragon could "lift-of" from a backstage road or parking lot, do a turn at 90 degrees to come over the Avatar land or SDL castle and then after two or three minutes go back and land again backstage. In this case the flying distance will be very short and the risk limited - except during bad weather with strong winds, of course.

So, my bets - just for the pleasure to bet! - are going on a use of this flying dragon during night shows or opening celebrations whether it will be for SDL or Avatar, and in any case, during night shows only. It's definitely there where the illusion will work the best.

Pictures: copyright Disney, Fox

Radiator Springs Racer 3D Video !

Guess what, Sharp Productions had the ( good? ) idea to filmed the Radiator Springs Racer ride and to film it in 3D! So, what about watching the ride of the decade in 3D? I guess it's time to find back your 3D glasses again! As i don't have any where i am right now i can judge how good the 3D is, so please let me know in the comments!

Video: copyright Sharp Productions

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea Toy Story Mania - First Pictures and Videos !

Toy Story Mania will open at Tokyo Disney Sea on July 9 in the American Waterfront land and the new area is called "Toy Ville Trolley Park". With its architecture inspired by the famous victorian Coney Island style, Toy Ville Trolley Park has a unique style that you've never seen in any other Disney theme park.

Of course the old Coney Island Luna Park style fits well at American Waterfront as we're supposed to be in New York early last century but what i also like is that the style was totally unexpected. I suppose that it's because i'm french and that we never had this kind of victorian style in France, which of course will not be the same for americans because the old Coney Island Luna Park is so famous in the U.S. I like too the teal green color but what i'm curious to see is how the new area will go fine with the surroundings. TDS Tower of Terror is not far as well as the Columbia ship, so it will be interesting to see how the different styles fits together.

Toy Ville Trolley Park will open officially on July 9 and we can expect soft-openings anytime soon but thanks to the team of Deep Disney we have the first pictures of videos to show you - as well as first videos.

Some closer shots on some details of Toy Ville Trolley Park decor. Enlarge the pictures to see all the Toy Story characters placed here and there.

Now, in addition to the big ride - Toy Story Mania - TDS guests will also enjoy others mini-games at
Slinky Dog’s Gift Trolley and Bullseye’s Carnival Corral with three kind of old carnaval games with Toy Story characters. They will be able to discover their reflection in Manic Mirrors magic mirrors, run as fast as they can at Blazin’ Buckaroo, and even animate a small carnival scene at Woody’s Wonder Wagon.

Here is a short video showing the always partly hidden entrance as well as the first official TV Ad.

Toy Ville Trolley Park already look great by daylight, even with a cloudy sky, but for sure it will look gorgeous at night with its thousand of lights as you can check on the pictures and video below.

After Buena Vista Street and Cars Land it will be the third wonder designed by WDI Imagineers to open in less than a month! And right after Toy Ville Trolley Park opening on July 9 there will be a fourth one on July 14 with the opening of Grizzly Gulch at HKDL! I don't think we ever had so many openings of great WDI works in such a short period of time. What a great month.

You might be interested to learn more about where WDI Imagineers found their inspiration for the unique Toy Ville Trolley Park style. Well, this fanciful and not much used style was made up by two architects back in the late 1880's who designed Coney Island Luna Park: Thompson and Dundy. They were brought there by George C Tilyou - his name is on top of DLP Main Street Boardwalk Candy Palace as a tribute! - and then it was copied at the other trolley parks. Trolley parks were built by trolley companies at the end of the line to get people to ride the trolleys. Of course the most famous was the old Coney Island Luna Park which was gorgeous and i found for you some old pictures of it.

The big Woody head with his mouth wide open is also a Luna Park classic. On the pictures below shot at Sydney, Australia, you will see a similar one - not with Woody's face of course - at the entrance of this other Luna Park which still exist today.

The original Coney Island Luna Park was an amusement park at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City from 1903 to 1944. Unfortunately a pair of fires in 1944 destroyed much of it. It was not rebuilt and did not open for the 1945 season and after a legal battle and a third fire in 1946, the land was used for other purposes. The story of Coney Island was told in a fantastic and not-to-be missed documentary that i've embedded below.

Pictures: Deep Disney, Bemagical8022. All my thanks to Deep Disney's team

Videos: TDR Resort, nobu0205jp, Bemagical8022

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