Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea Toy Story Mania - Part Two - Pictures and Videos !

Here is the part two of the report about the amazing Toy Story Mania at Tokyo Disney Sea, thanks to the help for the pictures of the japanese web site Deep Disney. You will also see new videos and if you haven't seen yet the part one don't miss it HERE.

We will have a closer look today not only to exterior decor elements but also to the queue decor of Toy Story Mania. All pictures are from Deep Disney, except where indicated. But let's begin with a first video that will show you a panoramic view of the Toy Ville Trolley Park area as seen from the entrance.

The next picture is showing the outside queue line area.

Others pictures of decor elements close to the entrance.

Still in soft-opening and already a 60 min wait!

The additional Blazin' Buckaroo midway game, not open yet. How to play? Simple, run in place as fast as you can!

At Wonder Wagon nearby guests can animate a scene with Woody by turning the wheel.

Yes!, Mr Potato Head animatronic is here and he's talking in japanese! You'll find him at the Toy Box Playhouse not far from the entrance.

Nice visuals beside its theatre... ( Photo: Tokyo DisneySweets that you can follow @dreamsweetslove on twitter )

Here is two videos of Mr Potato Head AA. There is a difference between them (on him) will you find it?

Others nice visuals nearby...

It's time to get inside Toy Story Mania to discover the queue decor! the guests are in fact entering Andy's room through a giant door. ( Photos: Tokyo DisneySweets, ISatochi )

The fact that TDS guests are supposed to be in Andy's room gives the perfect alibi to oversized all queue decor elements. You'll notice also that some elements used in toy Story Land in others parks find a new home here as TDR parks don't have a Toy Story Land. ( Photos: Deep Disney )

Others pictures from Tokyo Disney Sweets and arrival at the boarding room.

The TSM vehicles at the exit and the screen with the scores.

Those of you wondering how near is located Toy Ville Trolley Park from the TDS Tower of Terror will find the answer in the pictures below. The answer is: pretty close!...but finally not that close to the Columbia ship which is located on the other side of the TOT.

Photos: Deep Disney, Tokyo Disney Sweets, ISatochi

Follow Deep Disney at and Tokyo DisneySweets @dreamsweetslove on twitter


danielz6 said...

Wow so the perfect theme park gets even better!

d_fallen_1 said...

Why do you always do it better, Japan. -_-

Tom said...

Although TDS is not perfect, it's close to perfect. This new area looks really amazing, I think it's one of the weaker area's of TDS. But still it's stunning and way better than a lot of stuff we have in Paris...

They even use our Main Street music :D

Anonymous said...

Some pretty amazing placemaking!

According to DLP-management, they're seriously considering to add TSMania in WDS ... makes me wonder how DLP will integrate this attraction in WDS? Will they expand the current TSPlayland (= Andy's garden) with an "Andy's room"-building?

Whatever they'll do, it'll be very difficult to match the great work in TDS.

Anonymous said...

This is the right way to incorporate Toy Story into an entire land. I applaud the designers and architects for this area, who gave the copper onion-top spires utter similarities to the design on the Hightower Hotel. The hotel actually looks just fine with this architectural marvel next door, as if Toyville Pier was built at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Juste Magnifique ! Comme les seuls les japonais savent encore le faire !

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks so stunning. Paradise Pier on steroids. The color palette is beautiful and the attention to detail is overwhelming. Imagineering should keep this architecture on the shelf until the timing is right for a new E-ticket in DCA's paradise pier, or redress the carousel, Ariel's grotto, and the mickey's fun wheel queue in this fashion.