Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stefan Zwanzger, The "Theme Park Guy" Introduces the Theme Park Construction Board, and it's a GREAT Idea

Stefan Zwanzger is "The Theme Park Guy" site web master, and probably no one else deserves the title of "theme park guy" more than him. If you have a look at his reports around the world you'll see that Stefan have been everywhere! And nothing is stopping him! He did reports on parks not only all over Europe, Asia or America but also on some in Iran, North Korea (!) and even climbed through the jungle of the hills over Hong Kong Disneyland just to take the "perfect shots" over the park!

For almost 5 years now he has travelled to theme parks around the world and come to appreciate these colossal playgrounds in all their stages: newly announced, under construction, solidly operating or desolately decaying. It's a bit like the Four Seasons, with each one of them parading their own characteristic beauty. But Stefan is particularly in love with the construction phase. The development of theme parks has evolved into an extremely refined modern art form, creating breathing fantasy worlds rising from plain, flat land with a level of sophistication and detail never seen before. Nonetheless, with theme park construction all over the world, and knowing that he can't be everywhere at the same time Stefan launched something great which is called the "Theme Park Construction Board" that you will find HERE.

Not only - as you can see on the screen capture above - the board is talking about all theme parks projects currently happening around the world but the great idea is that each of you can bring YOUR special reports on these projects, whether it is latest news, or pictures and videos that you've shot near the construction site. Stefan made the site extremely easy to use for everyone who wants to participate, and whatever the country you live in there is probably a theme park project not so far from your home. So, i strongly support Stefan's initiative, the "Theme Park Construction Board" and suggest that you jump right now to his board and become part of the adventure!

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