Saturday, June 30, 2012

WDI Imagineers Stories about Cars Land

There's nothing better than listening WDI Imagineers explaining their work, and when these are the one who built Cars Land you'll understand why you must not miss this 12 minutes video below!

Talking about Cars Land, Imagineer Tom Morris was the Creative Director on Radiator Springs Racer and on this next video from Inside the Magic you're invited to join him on Radiator Springs Racer while Tom gives a great commentary about the ride!

Tom did another and interesting video for GamerTV in which he depicts the creative process of Cars Land.

Finally, those who've been at DCA since its reopening may have notice that Disney California Adventure have a new "Welcome" spiel, and it sounds pretty good as you will hear in this video filmed by Mint Crocodile.

One more thing: you may have noticed that the DCA slide show header is no longer there. What happened is that the slide show file was apparently too "heavy" for Photobucket - because it was over 10 megas - and so they removed it!! If i find a way to put it back you can be sure that i will do it, and will let you know!

Videos: copyright Disney, Inside the Magic, Mint crocodile

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New Romantic Sailor! said...

Looks Cool, Can't Wait to See it on my Birthday! -Emma