Friday, November 4, 2011

DLP Big Thunder Mountain Re-Opens !

Less than a week after its second accident this year Big Thunder Mountain re-opened at DLP. If the park reopened a ride like this less then a week after the accident where two of the train wagons derailed - see picture below - it's very probably because they quickly identified the reason of it and know that a re-opening is safe.

The announced internal investigation was expected to take longer, but the “Wildest ride in the wilderness” is now open and DLP guests can enjoy it again. Everything on the attraction is working fine at the exception of the moving rocks in the last lift and most of all i hope this will be the last BTM accident!

Picture: copyright DR


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Excellent news! I really like this attraction; it is a very pleasant, mild and well themed roller coaster, a true Frontierland classic.

I also hope that this is the last BTM accident.

Jones said...

What I don´t get is how BTM has relatively many problems - the tragic accident in Disneyland, 2 derailments in Paris - I mean,it´s a pretty tame (mild, as Marco put it) coaster, so there forces working on the wheels and track must be relatively low, compared to SM or extreme high speed coasters. Is it possible that maintenance at high speed attractions is stricter?