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Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween event - Haunted house walk-through & glow-in-the-dark parade - Photos and Videos !

It's been a while since the last topic , but here is a full article about the new Halloween event at Hong Kong Disneyland with photos and videos.
Note that all photos are high-res wallpaper photos, so don't forget to double-click on each to see them in big size!

As i am in Paris and not in Hong Kong, here is a "Disney" description on this new annual event at HKD:
"The spectral energy at Hong Kong Disneyland has reached a fervent level, as the Park launch the Haunted Halloween, a totally immersive and intense never-before-seen Halloween experience that will take guests to the edge of their sanity and back again, from September 25 until October 31, 2007.

A premier concept among all Disney theme parks, the Haunted Halloween combines avant-garde technology with rich Halloween tales. The Dark World and its characters will come to life in highlights such as, the Main Street Haunted Hotel, the Glow in the Park Halloween Parade and Space Mountain – Ghost Galaxy

Appearing in his premiere parade, the larger-than-life heart throb Jack Skellington leads this all-new spooky seven float parade along with his friends. Watch out! This hair-raising parade will undergo a complete transformation under mysterious UV lights and reveal frightening Halloween surprises along the way. With world class choreography, spooky costumes, innovative outdoor UV technology, an all-new musical score and scary hair and makeup on Cast Members, guests will be frightened out of their wits while taking part in the “glowing antics”!

The once peaceful Sleeping Beauty Courtyard has been taken over by The Haunted Tree and its sinister branches, as well as the scary Pumpkin People. A terrifying new location to take photos, Guests may find a few surprises when they see their pictures…

With Disney Villains gathered in full force, these are indeed evil times! Villains including Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians), Jafar (Aladdin), Captain Hook (Peter Pan) and our very own Grim Gatekeepers will scare guests like never before! With special photo locations, it will be easy to catch your favorite Villain and snap a scary photo!"

And here is video of the full Halloween parade , in two parts!

I must add that the floats looks terrific, the Jack Skellington animatronic - or "puppetronic"? - is fantastic. Also , it's the first time that a float is dedicated to the laboratory of this NBC character that i've forgot the name. The villains float looks great, too.

The Main Street Haunted Hotel is the first ever walk-through haunted house in a Disney theme park. You probably know that the first concept of the Haunted mansion was supposed to be a walk-through. Finally, it ended to be the ride we know, but today, the Hong Kong Disneyland guests can really walk-through in a Haunted house - probably because the Haunted mansion doesn't exist yet in the park - it will in the future.

"As the edgiest walk-through Haunted Hotel experience ever presented by a Disney theme park, living haunts and specters will appear around ever corner of this hotel. A Hollywood class production team created this thrilling attraction filled with eye-opening scene settings, audio and theatrical effects and spooky show direction. With multiple heart pounding scenarios, Guests will creep fearfully through this once graceful and elegant hotel that has not seen the light of day for a century!"

Here is the official advertising video about the Haunted House. Hopefully we'll have a youtube video soon.

They succeed to create a "Haunted" Space Mountain, too! : "Space Mountain – Ghost Galaxy: Possessed during the Haunted Halloween only, the supersonic roller coaster ride through the dark depths of space has become a heart pounding scream fest filled with ghoulish monstrosities. With an all-new soundtrack and eerie 3-D visual effects, guests will meet ominous apparitions and spine chilling phenomenon around every corner!"

As usual there is great Halloween merchandise and if you're a big fan of Nightmare before Christmas, you'll find a lot of themed merchandise about it in the shops of the park

Photos and Haunted house video: copyright Disney / Hong Kong Disneyland

Youtube parade video thanks to billionwins

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I saw this parade last Sunday and it is one I will never forget, just fantastic to watch and the soundtrack is brilliant, I hope Disney releases it for public use.