Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rare WDW " Florida Project " Video !

Here is something pretty rare that you may haven't seen before! This film shows the "Florida Project" and was ran as part of the Sunday night 'Wonderful World of Disney' TV show in January 1971. Remember my article a few days ago about the WDW Hotels that never were? Well, this first part will show you them on the original WDW model and also features the rarely-seen Preview Center in Lake Buena Vista! Although the quality of the video is not as good as we could wish it's such a rare document with rare shots of WDW making at WED Enterprises - now known as WDI - that you must not miss it and the content is priceless!


This second part equates Roy O. Disney with Douglas Fairbanks and shows you some good Al Bertino antics.


In this tail end of the film, they proudly pull the 'time lapse construction footage' gag out of their hat. So crazy!


Picture and video: copyright Disney

All my thanks to widentheworld who put it on line on Youtube.

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