Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Universal Orlando Unveil Skull Island : Reign of Kong Trackless Vehicle

Universal Orlando revealed more about the trackless ride vehicle of Skull Island : Reign of Kong, and massive is the right word as the new expedition vehicle measures 40 feet long and 13 feet high, weighs17 tons and will carry up to 72 people, all this on a totally trackless system. The front and back axles can be steered independently, allowing the vehicle to do sharp twists and turns despite its size and 45-inch wheels. We also learn the name of the company doing these Skull Island "expeditions" and it is named "Eight Wonders of the World Expeditions"!

Five characters will be "behind the wheel" to guide the guests through Skull Island and each will have a story to tell. It doesn't mean you'll have the five characters in each vehicle but a different one in each of them. And we don't know yet if they will be Audio-Animatronics as rumored, or not. But that also mean the ride experience will be different with each driver's story and you'll have to ride Reign of Kong more than once to get the full experience! Here are their names:

Becky Callahan: The loose-cannon cowgirl who isn’t fazed by the dangers awaiting her on Skull Island.
Will Denham: The fresh-faced, adventure-seeking younger cousin of famed movie director Carl Denham.
Jinks Costanza: A hardened New York City ex-con who is wary of the island’s mysteries.
Kalana: A mystical descendent of the natives who first settled on the island.
Charles “Doc” Jordan: A PhD student in paleontology who took time off from his studies to explore the world.

Universal also released another new video showing a first look at Skull Island : Reign of Kong ride film, vehicle and Great Wall at Universal Islands of Adventure!

This Reign of Kong is more and more exciting and i can't wait for its opening this summer at Islands of Adventure!

Pictures and video: copyright Universal Studios

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