Monday, March 14, 2016

Intamin Reveal Two New Amazing Ride Simulator Concepts !

Intamin will present at CAE 2016 in Beijing two amazing new ride simulator concepts and i wonder what WDI wizards could themed on these two new concepts. I couldn't describe them better than Lance did on Screamscape: "One is called the Dome Ride Theater and looks to place 80-riders in a circular shaped ring platform that can spin and tilt in the middle of a projection dome, with images above them and to be seen below them through the center of the ring. The second ride concept is the Ultra Tower, which looks almost like a supersized tower ride, but with platforms of theater seats along each of the four sides of the tower that can rise and fall, while riders watch a projected film along tall cylinder shaped screens that surround each of the four sides. The real kicker is that each section of rider seats is actually on a motion-base, in addition to the tower itself being capable of both high speed ascents and negative-g inducing drops."

More details from a Blooloop article:

Dome Ride Theater

Intamin have worked with Attraktion! to create the Dome Ride Theater – a next generation immersive media based attraction.

Key features include:

80 person seating arrangement in a ring structure which can be rotated and tilted
False floor in front of passengers drops to ground level leaving them suspended in the action
In addition to the dome the false floor can also be used as a projection screen for a truly immersive experience
Options to add special effects, including seat vibrators, audio in the individual seats, laser guns, wind effects, etc
Infinite possibilities
Intamin will be exhibiting a model of the Dome Ride Theater at CAE 2016 Beijing (booth #941/943).  Visitors will be able to explore this exciting new attraction first hand with VR goggles.

Ultra Tower

The Ultra Tower is a new concept in media based attractions, developed by Intamin in collaboration with Raven Sun Creative.

Combining the best in immersive media motion simulator experiences together with the white-knuckle thrills of a multi-drop tower, the Ultra Tower is a one-of-a-kind ride.

The Ultra Tower features:

Programmable 6-DOF motion bases with a variable speed drop tower (2-DOF motion)
Immersive media in motion picture quality
4D in-vehicle effects, 3D media and randomized ride narratives provide flexibility to create a wide variety of experiences
Variable speed, programmable drop tower capable of high-G ascent and negative-G weightless descent
Target maximum acceleration 2.5 m/s², maximum deceleration 2.5 m/s² and maximum speed up and down 5.0 m/s
Drop Tower Dimensions: 36m high and small footprint of 27m x 27m
Capacity: 4 vehicles with 24 passengers in each with a ride time of 3 mins, giving 1440 passengers per hour

Pictures: copyright Intamin

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