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"Dinosaur Planet", New Dinosaur Theme Park is Opening in Bangkok on March 25 !

I have a great news for everyone living in South-East Asia, and especially in Thailand, as a new Dinosaur theme park will open in Bangkok, in Sukhumvit area near the new EmQuartier, and in ten days from now! D&M faithful readers know how much i like Dinosaurs attractions - hey, i even designed a great one with my good friend Imagineer Jeff Burke! - and no need to say that you'll get a full report about this Dinosaur Planet when it will open on march 25.

Dinosaur Planet, as it is named, will be a 15000 sqm Dinosaurs theme park with a huge volcano at the center, and will include at its opening six attractions. But it will stay in Bangkok for ten months only, after what it will move to Pattaya where it is supposed to stay "forever". From what i've been told it is here as a big event in Bangkok and the park was designed by three Thai companies: Work Point Entertainment, Fresh Air Festival, and Right Man - you can see the founders on the picture below.

Dinosaur Planet features eight zones. Visitors can get to know dinosaurs at Dinosaur District, have fun in the only Dino Eye in the world, travel back in time at Stars of Dino, explore the bottom of the ocean at 4D Deep World, enjoy exciting shows at The Great Volcano, get their adrenaline pumping at Raptor X-Treme, ride a dinosaur at Dino Farm and dine and shop at Dino Square.

Let's start with renderings showing the whole complex.

 And here are some construction pictures.

And here is a first look at the entrance la few days ago while the park is finishing its construction. This time with huge life-size dinosaurs already in place!

Before going further in the attractions description let's have a look at one of the stars of Dinosaur Planet: the life size Audio-Animatronic T-Rex which amazed everyone when it travelled through Bangkok streets.

Amazement during its presentation to the press.

 Arrival on site.

Interesting picture showing the size of the T-Rex behind one of Dinosaur Planet creatives.

And now let's talk about the park attractions. The first one is named "Dinosaur District", a place where guests "get to know the dinosaurs, where you can learn about dinosaurs through multimedia technology. Explore the skeletons of Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus at Big Bone Gallery, and watch dinosaur eggs hatch at Dino Lab." Guests will also see a walking baby Dino Audio-Animatronic.

The next attraction is "Stars of Dinos" in which guests "travel back in times to the land of Dinosaurs, where they are still roam the earth and experience all the three historic periods of dinosaur – “Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous”. The adventure journey among, the biggest, most ferocious beasts in history."

The next attraction is Dino Eye, "the only one in the world, to experience “Crystal Capsule on a Giant Wheel”, over 50metres off the ground, and be mesmerized by the views of the prehistoric world, the ocean, the vast land and the sky view." There are giant wheels in all major cities now, and Bangkok already have one at the popular night market Asiatique, but there is a smart idea here - and indeed unique in the world - as guests in the giant wheel capsules will enter a show building where will be displayed dinosaurs of different eras! Below, pictures of its making, and official renderings.

Next is "4D Deep World", a 4D simulator where guests will be able to "explore the under ocean world, millions of years ago, a dangerous zone no one has ever visited. Stimulate your senses as you watch battles of dinosaurs in 4D Simulator." This is the only attraction that will open in Phase two, in May. The ride is apparently locate dpartly inside teh volcano with the entrance on its right.

The next ride is a show and it's The Great Volcano and the Extinction Live Show,  "The exciting of a volcano erupt in the prehistoric world, with dazzling light and sound technology in The Great Extinction Live Show. Learn about the world millions of years ago and discover the dinosaurs' attempt to survive The Extinction."

Here are some aerial pictures showing the making of the volcano.

Next attraction is Raptor X-Treme, an attraction in which you'll "get your heart pump in dangerous mission of challenge where you brains and speeds will be tested!". It seems to be an attraction based on the haunted maze principle, except taht here instead of zombies guests will move in an environment where velociraptors get mad. We'll see if some of the raptors will be Audio-Animatronics or not. So far, sounds like another good idea.

Next is Dino Farm and for the first time ever guests will be able to ride on the back of a dinosaur! Remember this sequence in jurassic World where young kids were riding on the back of dinosaurs? Well, at Dinosaur Planet Dino Farm you'll be able to do the same, well sit on the back of walking robotic dinosaurs! The area will also include a playground where kids will have fun to excavate a dinosaur skeleton.

Here are some pictures shot during the tests on the walking dinosaurs. You'll see them in movement in the video below. I'm curious to see if these will require a lot of maintenance or not.

The last area of Dinosaur Planet will be Dino Square, a place where guests will be able to dine and shop at the inevitable Dinos merchandise shop!

Rujaya Abhakorn, CEO of Fresh Air Festival and exclusive producer of Dinosaur Planet, said the park was designed to offer visitors a chance to experience dinosaurs that are brought back to life. Vinij Lertratanachai, managing director of Fresh Air Festival, said: "We expect more than 500,000 foreign visitors to come to the theme park annually. In total, Dinosaur Planet is expected to attract 2 million visitors a year, especially Chinese and Korean visitors, as well as travellers residing in the neighbourhood. Entrance will be 600THB for adults ( $16 ) and the official Dinosaur Planet website is HERE.

Just like you i'm curious to see the real thing when it will open on March 25 and D&M will have a special report about Dinosaur Planet as soon as it open. In the meantime, i guess you'll be pleased to watch a video showing all of this, so here is the official Dinosaur Planet video, please note that all interviews are in Thai language.

Pictures and video: copyright Dinosaur Planet, Work Point Entertainment, Fresh Air Festival, and Right Man.

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