Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tokyo Disney Sea wallpaper pictures Part two bonus

Guess what? The other day when i put on line the TDS wallpaper pictures, i've forgot to transform the original shot in RVB colours ( instead of CMJN which is use for printing ) . Of course, the colours were all wrong , so i've cancel the topic and create a new one with the photos with the right colours.

But sometime , even with a mistake, you can have good artistic surprise. And, although most of the photos with wrong colours were really not nice, for two of them - the exterior Little Mermaid lagoon building day and night shot - something interesting came out of that unvoluntary mistake.

Here they are, and these unreal colours are even better for a use as wallpaper.

Original photos: copyright Disney and Oriental Land co

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Anim8Ed Stuff said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!