Friday, August 9, 2019

Disney and more Needs Urgently Your Support !

Editor's Note: Folks, I have no good news today as Disney and more needs urgently your support, and it's serious so please make sure to read this below!

I've started D&M 12 years ago and in these 12 years, believe it or not, i've posted around 5600 articles. That's 466 articles per year, which is quite insane. Most of them were not short articles, as you know, and I always spent a lot of time to make them as perfect as possible, something that i'm sure you probably feel. During all these years i succeeded to keep Disney and more without any publicity - except for my Disneyland Paris book - as just like you i really don't like to have Ads everywhere in an article. Until now it was okay for me because the sales of the book were bringing some revenues but now that there is no more copies of the DLP book, things are getting of course more difficult.

I always enjoy posting every day as well as on the D&M facebook page, as much as i'm sure you always enjoy the D&M updates. In addition, Disney and more is a gold mine of pictures, artworks, videos, and more, like no other site as all pics are always in the best size and definition available and without any watermark most of the time. Also, I don't want to have to put a pay wall to enter D&M because i hate pay walls, just like everyone. But no need to be a genius to understand that if there is no pay wall, no publicity and no more printed books or others items to sell, there is a serious problem of revenues.

In these 12 years i think i have asked only twice or so for your support so it's difficult to say that i abuse of doing this, but today the situation is truly serious and this time i really need to ask for your support and generosity. As usual the easiest way to send your support is through Paypal and i've created a page on Paypal where you can place your donation. I think there is a minimum of only 10€ but you're welcome to send more, of course. Also, as i don't want to have to ask for your support each month i've put a goal of a 10000€ amount so it should help to resolve the problem at least until the end of the year, and in the meantime with a bit of luck some projects i'm working on will finally enter into action - and this include one that you will love.

HERE is the link to the Paypal page to send your support 

If you can't access the page, you also can send directly your donation to:    and if you send it this way, please send it in the mode "for family and friends".

I know that we all get used to have everything for free on the net, but we know it's not really true. As someone put it: "when it's free, you are the product" - you know, all these sites who cynically make money with your datas. Like everyone I hate that, and there is nothing like this with D&M, and it will never happen. I know that you enjoy D&M because if not i wouldn't have 4-5000 pages read each day and 40000 followers on Facebook. So, asking for a 10€ minimum donation doesn't sound exaggerate to me, is it?

There is also a good news: everyone who will donate will be rewarded by great surprise gifts. And you will even have the choice of the gifts, and all are great ones! So, after you sent your donation, don't forget to send me an email with your name to let me know at : so i can send you the surprise gifts to thank you.

Most of all, i thank you by advance, from the bottom of my heart, for your generosity.

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