Thursday, August 8, 2019

Watch Imagineer Bei Yang Explaining at SIGGRAPH 2019 How Did WDI to Create Galaxy's Edge Millenium Falcon Smuggler's Run Ride

At SIGGRAPH 2019 Unreal Engine Panel, Bei Yang, Technology Studio Executive at Walt Disney Imageneering did a presentation explaining the amazing technology which was needed to create the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Smuggler's Run ride. How they achieved to make a projection with real time rendering - as guests pilot the Falcon - and how the Falcon cockpit is in fact placed inside a dome on which is projected the ride movie.

Some might find Bei Yang explanations a bit hard technically but believe me, it worth the watch. Just jump directly to 52min 30sec when his presentation begin.

Pictures and video: copyright Unreal Engine - Walt Disney Imagineering

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