Tuesday, August 6, 2019

WDW Update: First Pictures of Disney Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge

I've got for you a new WDW update today with the first Pictures of Disney Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge! Let's say it right from the start: the land, at the exception of its entrances looks almost identical than the Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. Of course they used the same blueprints and some might regret that there is not more differences between the two lands, but as we know it's something theme parks - not only Disney - usually do as if they don'tit means new costs from the "research and development" department.

Anyway, let's have a look around DHS Galaxy's Edge, would we?  First picture above shows the main entrance to the land, on the "Muppets" side, not the one from Toy Story land.

The next picture below shows the building with the market inside and here there is a big difference with the one at Disneyland. Not only the facade don't have the same color - here it's a kind of dark brown -but this big grey cylinder on the right was also not grey but rather the same color than the two smaller ones on the left- see also picture below, and in my opinion i don't think that it's a good idea at all to leave this huge cylinder with this grey color. Specially considering that there is another one on the other wall on the right that you can't see on the picture here.

Some of Galaxy's Edge spires and ships...

Stromtroopers are there...

...and apparently control soemoen from the Resistance...

...running away from them.

More Droids pictures from the Droid factory...

Details of Don-Onkar's Den of Antiquities shop.

Another Star Wars creature, but this one is in one of the market shop if i'm right.

Entrance of the Cantina.

And here is some shots of the Millenium Falcon!

The "Resistance" girl is now guarding the Falcon!

Rey is here, too!

The Fastpass queue for Smugglers' Run is shown below with this empty pathway.

More queue decor...

Inside the Falcon...

And that's it for today's update, stay tuned on D&M for more WDW updates!

Pictures: copyright Disney and more

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