Monday, March 19, 2018

A Closer Look at WDW Pirates of Caribbean New Auction Scene And The Differences Between DLP and WDW Versions

As you've seen in yesterday's article, WDW Pirates of Caribbean re-opened with the new auction scene and at first sight it looks very similar to the new one we have at Disneyland Paris POTC. Except that, at second sight, they're not. There are many differences between both and we'll have a closer look at them to see the differences.

First, yes, the redhead stands in a similar way in both DLP and WDW versions. BUT, and it's a big "but", the main difference in the new WDW POTC scene is that she talks! And this for the first time in 51 years, since the opening of the first Pirates of Caribbean at Disneyland on March 18, 1967! At DLP the redhead still remain silent when at WDW she not only speaks but she's also having a conversation with the pirate auctioneer, as you'll see when you'll watch videos of both versions below. And of course, it means that the redhead audio-animatronic programming in the new WDW auction scene is totally different and now much more interesting to watch...

Editing: An interesting comment to this article let us know that "The new redhead audio-Animatronic" is actually a former Audio-Animatronic from the now-closed Great Movie Ride, which is the reason why she can speak..." Very interesting, and probably right. Considering the fluidity of the new redhead AA i put my bets on the use of the former great Wicked Witch Audio-Animatronic from the Wizard of Oz scene.

Here is the new DLP POTC auction scene filmed by DLP Welcome...

And here is the new WDW POTC auction scene filmed by Blog Mickey:

Now, the other big differences are with the villagers captured by the pirates. At Disneyland Paris they look almost the same in both before/after versions of the auction scene, although the captured villagers are no longer only women...

Original DLP POTC auction scene:

New DLP POTC auction scene:

...when in the new WDW auction scene version they are not only dressed differently but they've also change of social status. 

Previously the ones captured were simple villagers, though not looking poor...

...and now they are looking more like people from 18th century bourgeoisie, obviously the richest people of the town.

And then there is this CLOCK, the one that the last man is holding on his back. 

I understand that now the auction is an auction of goods - instead of women - but this colonial grandfather clock looks to me to lack authenticity, and more like coming from a modern furniture shop where one can find not-so-perfect replicas of old clocks. And by the way, this is supposed to be a Spanish town in 18th century Caribbean...

As it is an auction of goods it also explain why the others are holding either a framed painting or a chandelier but, wait, doesn't the principle of an auction itself looks strange? I mean, they're prisoners, Pirates steal everything so why are they bidding on anything? They've already raided the town! Then, they’d shoot the man and take the clock! I mean, that's how things were going in pirates days, right? It's supposed to be "Pirates of Caribbean", not "Pirates from Sotheby's"?

Anyway, if we except some bizarre details like these ones, the new scene doesn't look bad, let's say that it just make less sense than the previous version - at least on a historically point of view - but we'll surely survive to that.

Pictures: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright DLP Welcome, Blog Mickey


Josh said...

Such a massive downgrade. Walt Disney Imagineering should be embarrassed by this.

Xavier said...

"Pirates from Sotheby's"

You nailed it ! :-D

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't the principle of an auction itself looks strange? I mean, they're prisoners. Pirates steal everything, so why are they bidding on anything?"

Here's how I personally see the scene.
Some pirates managed to capture a group of wealthy villagers as they tried to run away with their belongings. The pirates invited other colleagues to a mock auction meant to ridicule the prisoners and force them to sell those belongings to save their life.
Sure, those pirates could steal from them right away, but it's more fun to play with the victims first, especially when you see those villains are not really interested in the treasures, but rather the rum (in Orlando) or the weapons (in Paris).
Well, at any rate, this is my personal (and rather dark) interpretation.

I also heard the new redhead in Orlando is actually a former Audio-Animatronic from the now-closed Great Movie Ride, which is the reason why she can speak.