Sunday, March 18, 2018

Shanghaî Disneyland Update : First Pictures and Videos of SDL Toy Story Land ! Now Edited With New TSL Pictures!

Shanghaî Disneyland Toy Story Land will open next month on April 26 but as we'll see it seem that the land may be already in soft opening mode. I've found pictures and an interesting video which is in fact the WDI BIM ( Building Information Modeling ) video showing the design of the whole land. It's a very short video only lasting a few second but i did for you some screen shots to have a closer look at it in details.

The video starts at the entrance of Toy Story land where stands a giant Woody - in dark grey, on the right - which will look like the same one located  at the entrance of HKDL TSL.

Then we arrive to the Woody's Roundup area where guests will find a new TSL ride - here on the left of the pictures - similar to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree at DCA but with a totally different theming.

We do have the first pictures of Woody's Roundup with the lovely little Bullseyes, posted on Twitter by DONGDONG.

More pictures posted by DONGDONG today!

And, guess what, i just found a first - although very short  - video showing the ride in action and apparently with guests waiting in the queue line so it seems that SDL Toy Story Land might be already in soft-opening or in tests mode with SDL cast members...

Moving now towards Rex Racer and you'll note ( in red ) the kind of barn on its right;

New picture of Rex Racer!

On the left, the Slinky Dog Spin ride;

First picture of Slinky Dog Spin!

The famous giant Pixar ball is here...

...and we have a first picture of it with Rex Racer in the background.

Moving toward the other entrance of Toy Story Land...

...where stands a giant Jessie, similar to the one coming at DCA Pixar Pier.

Below, Disney pictures and a video showing the arrival of the giant Woody and Jessie statues and their installation at Toy Story land entrances.

SDL Toy Story Land is opening officially April 26 and the land is already on the new Shanghaî Disneyland visitor's guide map!

Pictures: copyright Disney, DONGDONG

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