Friday, March 23, 2018

Is Universal Studios Singapore Planning to Add a Wizarding World of Harry Potter ?

According to some Screamscape sources a Wizarding World of Harry Potter may be under consideration for Universal Studios Singapore. The problem is that Wizarding World take up a considerable amount of space, and Universal Studios Singapore is a small park which don't have space. And no possibility too to add more land on Sentosa Island as the park is stuck between two roads. And as you'll see on the screen capture below you also can't go on the other side of the road because there is a golf course on the other side.

As Lance said - in his post HERE that i just saw but which was posted last June - where would they put a Harry Potter land? "If they opt to move ahead with it, I'm hearing that the land of Far Far Away ( circled in orange on the picture ) would be removed to make way for Hogwarts Castle. It currently takes up a large section of the park but offers little in the way of major attractions, featuring only a kiddie coaster, the Magic Potion Spin kiddie wheel, a couple of small theater shows (Donkey Live & Shrek 4D). It is interesting that it does also feature the park's newest attraction, Puss in Boots' Giant Journey, but that could be given a Potter themed makeover perhaps, along with converting the Enchanted Airways kiddie coaster into another Flight of the Hippogriff coaster."

That said, the Far Far Away land serves as the "Fantasyland" land of USS and in my opinion there is another area which they could use to build a Harry Potter land which is the one where is the Waterworld show ( circled in blue on the picture ). It's a bit smaller than Far Far Away, not that much actually, but may be there is not enough room. Eventually they could incorporate the Puss in Boots Giant Journey coaster and, as Lance says, rethemed it with a Potter theme. But it also would mean to delete the main big live show of the park which is also very popular...

And of course there is another major problem, which is that USS is now the only Universal Studios park that Comcast don't own. Meaning that Comcast probably would like to do like the did in Japan, i.e to become the full owner of the park before building a Wizarding World of Harry Potter. All this to say that, if it happen, it will take probably many years, and so far take this only as a rumor.

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