Sunday, September 30, 2018

First "Disney Love Jazz" Evening at DLP Walt Disney Studios - Full Concert Video!

Yesterday evening the first "Disney Love Jazz" event happened at DLP Walt Disney Studios. Lot of guests were there for the evening, and a selection of attractions were also opened in the WDS, with small jazz orchestras here and there. But the highlight of the evening was the 90 minutes concert which happened at Moteurs, Action where a special stage for the orchestra and singers was installed.

The orchestra was France bleue Symphonic Orchestra, an excellent one as you'll hear, and Jazz singers Selah Sue, Ben l'Oncle Soul, China Moses, Myles Sanko, Hugh Coltman &  Robin McKelle sang a selection of Disney beloved songs re-orchestrated with a jazz rhythm for this special evening.

The concert, thanks to the 28 great musicians and the singers as well as the new arrangements,was truly excellent so let's hope that it won't be a one shot only and that DLP will organize it again next year. Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster was there and has filmed the full concert so, enough talk, and on with the show!

Video: copyright DLP Welcome

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