Monday, April 9, 2007

TDL Winnie the pooh attraction video

We all know the Winnie the pooh dark ride, but the one at Tokyo Disneyland , although most of the scenes are similar , use a totally different ride technique. TDL attraction vehicles are guided by GPS, which means there is no track.
Why didn't they use the same GPS control when they built it at Disneyland? Simply because it's much more expensive. How much more? Probably around 20 M. You have to remember that when it was built at Disneyland, it was during the end of Eisner's reign, and this explains that.
The ride is more fun - and very popular - in Tokyo, and to tell the truth, simply better.

The photo up there is from the Disneyland ride in Anaheim, and copyright Disney.
Video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

I wish Disneyland could have had the cooler version.

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