Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mickey's Philarmagic video

This short video of Mickey's Philarmagic shows for a few seconds the animators at work, and also clips from the attraction movie .
Somebody one day asked me why the attraction was not built at Paris Walt Disney studios Animation courtyard instead of the Animagique dark light show, and the main reason is this one: 5 minutes after the beginning of the show a decor element must rise up and disappear in the ceiling. The problem, because of its shape, is that the current building doesn't have ceiling! They could change everything, re-built it again, etc...but there we enter in a budget problem.
However, as it is a popular show everywhere else, i won't be surprised if the attraction was built at Disneyland Paris in the future.

Photos and Video: copyright Disney.

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Anonymous said...

But in Animagique too, some sets come down from the ceiling. I think the building is high enough to hide the elements in a upper-section.

Well, I think the attraction wasn't ready for 2002 anyway. Let's hope it will be built in the near future, it would be a sure-fire hit at the Studios.