Monday, April 9, 2007


Not only Thinkwell Design is currently working on the MGM Movie resort theme park in South Korea - see below - but , too, on the revival of Coney Island.

Having recently acquired Astroland as part of their holdings at Coney Island, developer Thor Equities commissioned Thinkwell Design & Production to produce a new design for the site. Collaborating with Thor Equities’ team on this ‘extreme’ reincarnation of the beloved amusement park Thinkwell’s preliminary designs show a multi-tiered Amusement Park full of the whimsy expected when people visit Coney Island.


Anonymous said...

great idea (sarcastic). let's take coney island, the only way that the lower income population of the city can have a summer getaway for cheap, and turn it into an expensive, carbon copy theme park for rich white tourists.
coney island is about culture, about fishing off the dock to feed families and make a living, about history, about a free beach getaway. please don't take that away from new york.

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted the above comment didn't know what he was talking about.

The amusements at Coney Island have never been about "a free beach getaway" or "fishing off the dock." They've been about what all amusement parks are about. Paying to ride rides.

The beach will, I'm sure, remain public property. People will still be able to swim, sun, or fish as always.

Anonymous said...

Yeah umm...whoever wrote the first comment. Coney Island when it was new was beautiful, but this isn't the 1900s anymore sweetheart. No one in their right mind would go to Coney Island as a resort, also considering that there isn't a single motel there. I'd be glad to see disney take it over. They would keep it traditional but clean it up nice too. Seriously, have you ever even been to Coney Island? For one thing, there is one rollarcoaster that rocks back in forth which I'm sure disney would fix up so no one else dies on it. Secound, I was forced to pay 50 cents to use the restroom by a man who probably didn't even work there. Lastly, just about the only game there besides spraying water into clowns' mouths was called "Shoot The Freak" where a guy ran around a fenced in area and people payed to shoot him with a paintball gun. Classy. And don't think I dislike Coney Island. I dislike what it has become. It is a rich piece of history that deserves to be cleaned up, fixed up, and renewed.

goodbye-blue-monday said...

i agree with the above guy -
i was born and bred there and sheepshead bay. that place was over in my childhood. i might miss the sleaze that times square was, but that doesn't mean it was a cultural moment in time. going there was like playing russian roulette.
same thing here -
the past will not be reborn here.
there's no future without getting a homogenized version of it, but that's better than brat housing. i realized about three years ago that even the mermaid parade has become a circle-jerk. stella's (if anyone here even knows about that place) is gone decades ago, the tornado and thunderbolt are gone - and that was years before there was a coney revival. i guess what i'm saying is, that it was over before you guys even thought it was over.
let's just hope that whoever goes in there understands the history and respects it.

Anonymous said...

My Dad grew up at Brighton Beach and I spent much of my formible years in Coney every time I'd visit the grandparents.

As I grew older, I took the D train into Coney but remember needing to "get out before dark" because the crime rate got that bad.

It started getting better, but it didn't have the experience, the management nor the assets to bring back Coney the way is way during the 30's and 40's. Still, my last trip to Coney was over 5 years ago.

So long as Disney keeps the Cyclone and Dino's Big Wheel, Nathan's, and the classic freak show... I think it will improve the area. I think it will bring jobs to area overall. I also beleive it will boost the economy. Much needed after the collapse of the financial industry and the mess the big boys made on Wall Street.

Disney has always in Florida and California has "resident rates" and other programs for the school kids, locals, and various organizations. I don't see the park shutting out the poor the way other posters have accused.

Anonymous said...

I work in Coney Island and don't think any of you know what you're talking about. Astroland, and now the Boardwalk businesses threatened by huge Space for Lease signs, are nothing more than pawns or hostages in Thor Equities high stakes game with the City over the rezoning of Coney Island's C-7 amusement district. Public hearings on the rezoning began on March 3. Thor's eviction of long-time successful operators and doubling/tripling the rent for others is part of a strategy to prove "amusements don't make money" and set the stage for a possible zoning variance.

No matter how the zoning goes, if anyone is under the misimpression that Thor CEO Joe Sitt will ever build anything here, just Google "Albee Square Mall" and "Thor Equities" and read about how he flipped the property and made $100 Million profit after getting favorable zoning from the city. Just imagine how many millions he expects to make from selling the rezoned Coney Island!

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