Saturday, April 14, 2007

REAL NAUTILUS Submarine 50 Feet long to sale

It looks like a dream come true, and it is : the Exomos company in Dubai - specialist in "cutting edge submersibles " have designed a REAL Nautilus submarine! Approximately 50 feet long, 10 persons can get inside and you can really dive and travel under water with it! Designed for tourist excursions , the custom construction incorporates cutting edge technology.
And if the exterior design of it remembers you another Nautilus submarine from a famous "20000 leagues under the sea" movie, well, it's probably not an effect of your imagination.
On the web site of Exomos you can download a Pdf file about it and see a picture in bigger size at :


Anonymous said...

Hey that looks a lot like the subs in the ride back in the 1980's about 10 people i think and the side windows look exaclty the same as the ride.

rkt739 said...

No, it's not one of the ride subs, the bottom is different and besides all the ride subs were destroyed.