Thursday, April 12, 2007

TWO videos of great magic with David Copperfield

Here, at Disney and more, we talk, of course, about Disney, and sometime about other things that i thing you will love - that's for the "...and more" part.
Today, two great videos of magic from the last show of David Copperfield. The first one below is simply stunning, and anyone who knows how David do it is welcome!
The second one look like the classic tour of women who disappear and reappear, but it's done so fast, so perfectly and in such an elegant way that it's a wonder.
And how David do it is, too, impossible to see!
Enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

Uhh. Magic? Has to be. He doesn't use trick photography and that is the only other explanation. He's Harry Potter all grown up! Honestly though, this man has never failed to amaze me. The best in the business! Thanks for posting these as I have never seen either one before. And isn't the music in the first one from "The Rocketeer"? A great piece of music. Love it at the EPCOT Fountain and at Disneyland in the Observatron thingee.

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, it is the Rocketeer music that David use. Note that the Rocketeer music was also used at DLP in the pre-show of space mountain, the first version.

Anonymous said...

Two illusions, the Laser and the Voyeur. I have no idea how he does the Voyeur, but the Laser is simpler than it looks. I don't want to reveal too much, but let's just say he's wearing a very cleverly designed costume, and has very strong legs.

Anonymous said...

hi, hope this helps. the music david used for VOYER, is called sail on, by moby. if you would like a copy of this amazing song, drop me a line through my web site, i will be more than happy to send it to you.