Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Disneyland Paris from the sky

After this Soarin' video, let's stay in the sky with these pictures of Disneyland Paris from above.
These photos were shot by me from the balloon located on lake Disney. Although this balloon flight is not really an "E" ticket, the view on the resort , when the sky is clear is fantastic.

So, from the top you can see here: The Disneyland Hotel and the park behind with Big Thunder in the background ; Another view of the park with in the front the train station and the Disney village on the left ; The Walt Disney studios ; The Disney village ; The Hotel New-york ; The Cheyenne and Santa Fé hotels in the background with a bit of the New york on the left and of the Sequoia lodge on the right ; and the Newport Bay hotel.

Click on each picture to see them in bigger size, and have a nice flight!

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