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HKD Adventureland's Pirate Takeover will begin May 4

One of the pirate ship from Pirates of caribbean "at world's end bearing a Jolly Mickey sail was spotted sailing through Hong Kong Victoria Harbor yesterday, heading towards Lantau Island, setting sight at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. And there is a lot of good reasons for that: not only it is promoting the next Pirates 3 movie, but, at the same time Hong Kong Disneyland had announce an Unprecedented Deal with Pirates for an Adventureland Takeover!

From May 4 to June 30, 2007 this Adventureland's Pirate Takeover is "an authentic and immersive pirate experience" , and here is more from the press release:
"“In an unprecedented move, we have agreed to parlay terms with the pirates to present an exciting Pirate Takeover. From the scenic and atmospheric makeover of Adventureland, to the pirate-inspired characters, interactive guest entertainment, themed photo opportunities, games, dining and merchandise, there’ll be daring pirate surprises around every corner in the new Pirate Land.
The Pirate Takeover will allow guests to step back in time to a place where pirates reined over the seas vying for treasure. A total experience that only Hong Kong Disneyland can provide, the Pirate Takeover will immerse guests in a world of mischief, singing and revelry as pirate adventures are vividly brought to life.
Guests will first encounter Disney’s Pirate Takeover at the entrance to Adventureland where pirates have refashioned the towering archway with unmistakable pirate paraphernalia.

For the daring, guests can get in touch with their inner swashbuckling self as they learn how to be a pirate in Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Boot Camp. All newly trained guest pirates can further seek adventures in the rest of the Pirate Land. Midway games such as Rum Tumble and Captain Hook’s Ring Toss as well as Treasure Hunt are the best options to practice the Pirate’s skills.

Equipped with their new skills, guests can dare to journey into uncharted waters on board the Jungle River Cruise, Pirate Takeover! where pirate sightings, frights and delights await them around every corner. A giant pirate flag reading, “PIRATE ISLAND – BEWARE” hoisted above Tarzan’s Tree House, will serve as a reminder that the pirates are the rulers of Adventureland now.

Known for their loud yet vibrant music, the pirates will teach guests how to “Wake the Dead” with the “The Doctors of Soul” VooDoo Drum Show, performing against an eerie backdrop of shrunken heads and Cajun-style grave stones lurking in the foliage.

And if the rhythmic drum beats aren’t enough, there’s always the Pirate Procession, where guests, armed with washboards and spoons, are encouraged to make as much noise as possible to create a sound that is music only to pirates’ ears.

Guests beware……..the procession may lead them to a mysterious encounter with Mirabella, The Gypsy Fortune Teller whose crystal ball is all knowing about what the future has in store. She may predict that guests will encounter the ever loveable Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto, who will swing into pirate mode with special costumes.

Captain Hook, one of the world’s most infamous pirates, will terrorize Adventureland as he meets and greets guests with his signature hook and partner in crime - giant crocodile “Tic Toc”. Guests can be photographed with their head in Tic Toc’s mouth!

Adventureland will also be dotted with special themed photo corners, where guests can pose next to an authentic, oversized ship’s wheel, life-size pirate cut outs, or a skeleton pirate that has literally been there for ages!

For guests looking to refuel after a hard day’s pirate work, a delicious menu of hearty snacks and meals are available at the aptly named “Pirate View Café”. At the Tahitian Terrace, guests will dine to a symphony of pleas for mercy as a pirate dangles by his feet from the thatched roof top.

Two new and specially created pirate kiosks will also be added to Hong Kong Disneyland Park to ensure no pirate goes hungry! Pirate Chow!, which is located opposite Tahitian Terrace in Adventureland, will serve delicious crepes, while The Galley! will be located near Fantasyland and will serve the Middle Eastern delicacy Shawarma, a savory wrap with ingredients including roasted beef and roasted chicken.

And for that perfect take home keepsake, Hong Kong Disneyland will present over 100 pirate-themed merchandise ranging from collectible pins featuring pirate characters; adorable plush toys, mobile phone ornaments and figurines. An array of Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise is also available and includes super cool T-shirts, caps, pencil cases and bags."

And right up there, you'll see the art-work showing some scenes ,of this HKD pirates event as well as pictures of the pirate ship in the bay of Hong Kong.

Well, this HKD pirates event looks pretty cool, doesn't it?

Photos and Art-work: copyright Disney

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