Saturday, February 7, 2009

SPECIAL "IT'S A SMALL WORLD" NEW OPENING: The "It's a Small World" tribute is still going on, with four great topics: The first video of the updated attraction, Some fantastic panoramic pictures - thanks to Matt, a making-of video, the Disneyland official pictures, and much more! NEW: let's have a look back in the past at the original version, with Walt himself!

Remembering the original It's a Small World...

Let's end this "It's a Small World new opening" week-end with a look back to the past, to the very first version as guests saw it in 1964 New York World's Fair.

Those of you who regrets the first version or disapprove with the new additions will be pleased to see the original one once again!

But first, here is Walt himself and the inauguration of the attraction at Disneyland, thanks to

And now, on with the show!

Youtube videos: copyright Disney. Thanks to mousefiles and LoreneFaith

Friday, February 6, 2009

Disneyland It's a Small World making-of Video

Disney Parks just released this "It's a Small World" video where you'll see images of the past and present versions. Walt appears many time, and Mary Blair, too as well as the imagineers who worked on the new version. Enjoy!

Artwork and video: copyright Disney

Disneyland It's a Small world Panoramic Pictures

Thanks to Matt, here are some fantastic panoramic pictures of Disneyland's It's a Small World new version. Matt was there yesterday and his pictures shoot with a very wide angle lens are unique. And beautiful. Absolutely double-click on each one to see them in big size!

All the scenes are not there but you'll recognize, from the top: the entrance , the French scene with Cinderella, the Great Britain scene with Alice and the White Rabitt, the Italian scene with Pinocchio, the Middle East scene with Aladdin and Jasmine and the Thailand scene.

Many many thanks to Matt for these wonderful pictures!

Pictures: copyright PhotoMatt

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disneyland It's a Small World new version VIDEO !

The new version of It's a Small world is opening tomorrow, but today was the annual passholders special preview. And guess, what? MintCrocodile who always film great videos was there, and here is the video of this awaited new version, in two parts. No need to say that if you don't want any spoilers you'll better don't watch it as you'll see all the new characters and scenes.

Video: copyright Mint Crocodile whom i thanks a lot! Have a look to other great videos of MintCrocodile HERE

Sneak Peek at DL " It's a Small World " new version before its re-opening on friday

After a year long renovation, It's a Small World will reopens Friday at Disneyland with a new scene that depicts the "Spirit of America" a relocated rain forest and 29 added Disney and Pixar characters inserted in the countries where their stories take place.

Alice and the always late white rabbit are located in the Great Britain scene.

Here is Cinderella and the so-cute mouses...

Aladdin and Jasmine appears in the Middle East scene...

...while Lilo and Stitch rides on a surfboard in the Polynesian scene.

The "three caballeros" appears in the Latin America section.

As we know, there are a brand new "Spirit of America" scenes, here is the first one located right before the final scene.

The other one is a tribute to the American West...

...and it's there where you will find Woody and Jessie.

Here is a short video which shows some of the new elements. You can also see other pictures showing new characters additions on Mice Chat and more infos in the L.A Times article HERE

On this next Associated Press video, you'll see Imagineers at work on this new version!

Photo: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright L.A - Disney Associated Press

Finding Nemo : The Disney on Ice show - Exclusive Report

Since many years each winter we have in France a new Disney on Ice show, and this year the show is themed on "Finding Nemo". Recently the show was in the town of Lyon, and Maureen, Disney and more regular contributor and damn' good young photographer was there!

She came back with a beautiful - and colorful - pictorial report, and it's real eye candy! As you will see below, the show looks a bit like the Animal Kingdom Nemo musical...but on ice! You all know Nemo's story, so comments are not needed, just look, double click on each to see the pictures in big size, and enjoy!

The last show in France was January 31st and i don't know if the show will go in others European countries, but if it comes to your town no need to say that i strongly recommand you to go see it!

Many thanks to Maureen for these great pictures that were not that easy to shoot, specially with ice skaters constantly moving! If you'd like to have some of them in wallpaper size, have a look at Maureen's Flickr page.

Pictures: copyright Maureen Chaffurin whom i thanks a lot!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Universal Studios will re-open backlot this summer

Good news today for Universal Studios fans as, according to Variety: "Universal will reopen its backlot this summer, nearly a year after a fire destroyed four acres of the studio.

Rebuilt locations include its popular Courthouse Square, Brownstone and New York streets. Production will resume on those sets in midsummer.

While redesigning the lot, the studio added sets such as a gas station, a firehouse and a London Street, as well as a modern urban cityscape with glass and steel facade structures. That cityscape will be the largest modern urban backlot shooting location in Los Angeles, U said.

Additional sets will remain in construction and are planned to open in 2010, but U declined to disclose details on those.

Altogether, the new and rebuilt locations will be featured on the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour, as will the recently renovated soundstage that will house "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" beginning June 1.

U said the new sets were built to "meet contemporary film production needs" and designed with the assistance of filmmakers and art directors.

Studio always said it would rebuild the backlot as quickly as it could, and include the latest fireproofing methods in the new construction.

While last summer's fire, ruled an accident, destroyed key facades, a warehouse storing old prints and the King Kong theme park attraction, other locations like the "War of the Worlds" set, Western Street, European Street, Mexican Street, the Psycho House and Bates Motel, as well as Wisteria Lane, seen on "Desperate Housewives," were untouched by the fire."

Full article by Marc Graser on the Variety web site.

Photo: copyright

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Tokyo Disney Sea artwork tribute - Part Four

I did previously three articles dedicated to Tokyo Disney Sea fantastic artwork, but here is some new renderings and for one or two of them, better scans than the one previously posted. As some of them are in "panoramic" size, double-click on each to enjoy them in big size.

Let's begin by the entrance and Mediterranean Harbor and let's have a look to some renderings which served as inspiration for this land. The one above was inspired by the Toscana region, in Italy.

This next one was of course inspired by the famous italian Portofino village.

The artwork below was indeed inspired by Venezia, the city of the Doges!

Here is an artwork inspired by the city of Firenze , and used for the TDS Miracosta hotel.

At last the fantastic artwork of Mysterious Island in good quality.

Here is the entrance of Mermaid Lagoon.

A great artwork of the beautiful Arabian coast.

Another one, great too, for Lost River Delta.

Here is rendering showing Port Discovery and the Storm Rider entrance.

Let's end by another rare rendering showing the Cape Cod area. Recently, it was announced that a kind of Toy Story Mania attraction will be build in the park, using the same technology but probably on a different theme than Toy Story, and i'm ready to bet that it will be build in the Cape Cod area as there is no attraction at all. Also, a look at the rendering help to understand how they could easily create a kind of "boardwalk" area.

That's all for today, hope you've enjoyed this tokyo Disney Sea artwork!

All artwork: copyright Oriental Land Co - Disney - Walt Disney Imagineering