Friday, July 5, 2019

VIDEOS : Jurassic World Ride Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood !

One of the  most awaited E-Ticket attraction of the year is now open at Universal Studios Hollywood as Jurassic World : The Ride opened yesterday, right in time for Independence Day! you have two POV videos of it below, one filmed at daytime the other filmed at nighttime. 

I would say that the indoor scenes are better than the first version, the aquarium scene at the start with the Mosasaurus, replacing the lagoon scene with the Apatosaurus, is excellent, and the end scene with the Indominus Rex is pretty good too. They kept most of the dinosaurs which were present in the first version, some have been moved to the end scene. However there is a moment before the lift taking the raft up to the end scene, in what is called now "Predator Cove" which feels a bit "empty" in my opinion, even if it's a scene with a theming done to have guests being aware that the Indominus Rex has escaped. For instance, they could have keep the small spitting dinos who were there previously and who are now placed up there, near the end scene. Or they could have put in this Predator Cove some dead Raptors supposedly killed by the Indominus Rex who supposedlly has just escaped...

Have a look at both videos below and let us know what you feel in the comments!

Editing: Something was yet missing about the Jurassic World ride at Universal Studios Hollywood: a video showing what's happening in the queue and pre-show, thanks to Inside Universal, here it is!

And now, two videos of the ride, by day and night:

For those having the nostalgia of the first version of the Jurassic Park ride, here is a 2010 HD POV video, filmed at a time when the falling car effect was still working.

In addition, in the Jurassic World area a Velociraptor Encounter also opened with Blue, the dangerous raptor, arriving in the video below at around 4.02 minutes...

...and there is even a great "Triceratops Encounter" - in both cases these are not Audio-Animatronics but a sophisticated Dino costume with men inside, but guests will love them.

As we talk about a Dinosaurs attraction did you ever read the Dinosaurs attraction concept titled "Back to Dinosaurs", that i had imagined 15 years ago with my friend Imagineer Jeff Burke? You can read it on Disney and more, it's a long two parts article, in the first part you have all the storyline describing even two different concepts for the beginning, plus great artworks. And the second part is "how we would have done it", technically speaking. Part one is is HERE  And Part two is HERE.

Top Picture: copyright Universal.

Back to Dinosaurs Picture: copyright Alain Littaye

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Watch WDW Cast-Members Emotion When They Learn They're Part of WDW DHS Galaxy's Edge Opening Team!

Watch WDW cast-members emotion when they learn they're part of Disney's Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge Opening team!

Video: copyright Disney

Walt Disney Funniest Intro for World of Color

Walt Disney Funniest Intro for World of Color: This is Walt Disney's intro for the animated film Donald Duck in MathmagicLand in World of Color. As usual it's a short 1 min intro but it's probably the funniest one you've seen with Walt!

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Everything You're Dying to Know About Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Rise of the Resistance Attraction

Brady McDonald, who was writing formerly for the Los Angeles Times and more recently for the O.C Register now also write articles for Mice Chat, which is a good idea as Brady always has reliable infos from WDI.

Don't miss his new article on Mice Chat HERE as you'll learn almost everything about the ride storyline that guests will experience when the highly immersive Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Rise of the Resistance E-Ticket attraction - which will combine four ride experiences into one! - will finally open later this year at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios. The only thing missing in the article is the opening date but we'll probably learn about it at D23. Also, no need to say there is a BIG Spoilers Alert, so read at your own risk!

Picture: copyright Disney

Monday, July 1, 2019

Disneyland Paris Launch the Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle Book ! Full Shows Videos

Disneyland Paris launched this week-end its awaited Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle Book which include a show and parade on Central Plaza and the new Lion King show inside the rebuilt Frontierland Theatre, known previously as the Chapparal Stage.

Let's start with a video showing actress Katie Holmes opening the festival during the press event this week-end, with excerpts of the shows.

Here is the French version of the video with French stars and their reactions to the shows.

The first video below will show you the full Rhythms of the Jungle show and parade happening on Central Plaza! Costumes and choreography clearl looks in direction of India and Bollywood, which in my opinion is a good idea!

And here is the brand new Lion King and the Rhythms of the Pride Lands show playing four times per day at 12.30, 13.30, 16.05 and 17.05 inside the freshly rebuilt Frontierland theatre!

Even if the music and songs are the same than we all love, it's a different kind of show than the broadway musical or the one that DLP did years ago inside Videopolis and i think they did a pretty good job, have a look at the video of the show!

Don't go away as there is more! Some weeks ago Disneyland Paris organized a contest with one night to win in Adventureland Jungle! The lucky couple who won came recently to enjoy the promised night in the jungle and i have to say that DLP has not been cheap on the setting with jungle tents placed near the Indiana Jones ride, check the picture below.

There was more for the winners with a special evening with Baloo and King Louis characters, as you 'll see in the video below!

And now the other good news for this Summer as the acclaimed Disneyland Paris book in both its French or English eBook editions has a special Summer price at 19.99€ / $18.99 ( instead of 29.99€ ) on the Apple iBooks and Android Google Play eBook stores! Don't miss it, i guarantee you that you won't find a better Disney theme park book to read on the beach this Summer!

To purchase the eBook in English updated edition on Apple iBooks store jump HERE. 

To purchase the eBook in English updated edition on the Google Play store jump HERE.

Pour acheter l'eBook en édition Française sur l'Apple iBooks Store cliquez ICI

Pour acheter l'eBook en édition Française sur le Google Play Store cliquez ICI

Discover the full book in its original edition, ( before the English updated edition ) :

Pictures and videos: copyright Disneyland Paris

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Hong Kong Disneyland Opens a Lovely Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique

Hong Kong Disneyland opens today in Storybook Shoppe near HKDL Castle - not "in" the Castle which is currently under reconstruction - a Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique for young girls!
"Step into the magical and elegant salon, with majestic decorations, you will be bought to the royal experience of your favorite Princess transformation with our Fairy Godmother-in-Training waving the magic wand. The magic wardrobe will be opened and the brand new deluxe Princess costume and accessories are presented. Then a glamorous Princess will appear in front of the magic mirror."

It looks they've done a pretty good job of theming on this one and apparently the young girls will be treated more than ever like Princesses! Check the pictures below!

The main room has lovely murals that you can see on the picture at the top, showing princesses from Disney animated films but the mural scenes are not scenes you can see in the movies. Here is another picture showing all of them - thanks to This is Mr B.

The mural showing Cinderella flying in a hot-air balloon.

A real throne for the young girls transformed in Princesses by the magic of the Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique.

Special visual effects and Pixie dust awaits them all around the different rooms.

Lovely dressing rooms...

HKDL cast-members had a special preview this week of the Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique.

Check this video of HKDL new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique filmed by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette, the footage of the BBB itself starts around 3.50min

Pictures: copyright Disney