Thursday, June 26, 2008

By the way, where the hell is Buzz, now?

Remember that Buzz Lightyear blasted off on a special mission in outer space some weeks ago? So, where the hell is Buzz, right now? Well, as you will see on the video below, he is always in outer space, floating alongside NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff on-board the International Space Station!

On this next video, Buzz is on its own, moving inside the ISS...

Pretty cool, isn't it?

Videos courtesy NASA

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DHS and DCA Toy Story Midway Mania best videos

Recently the official opening of both DHS and DCA Toy Story Midway Mania happened. To celebrate this, here is a selection of the best videos available so far of the two versions. First, here is a video of the full ride and queue decor of the DHS version filmed by n0ah64

Then, here is the official Disney B-Roll of the the DCA Toy Story Mania version.

And, finally, here is another video of the DCA Toy Story Mania as well as the opening ceremony filmed by robbalvey for themeparkreview

Disneyland video: copyright Disney

Youtube videos thanks to n0ah64 and robbalvey who did a great job