Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disney and more will be back soon !

It's almost one month since i decided to stop posting new articles on Disney and more. Since then i don't count the extremely kind reactions from many of you thanking me for "three years of amazing articles", not to mention your wish that i'll be back soon, even if it was not with daily articles.

Obviously, those of you who consider that Disney and more was "the best Disney theme parks website in the world" are missing it. So, i have a great news for you: I will be back with new articles on Disney and more soon. Very soon. Not on a daily basis like before as it was too much work, but, let's say, on a weekly basis and may be more if there are interesting news happening during the week. And each Sunday you will find me too on Miceage with great articles from the D&M archives.

I hope this decision will make all of you happy, and come back soon for the first new article of the second D&M era!