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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Disneyland Paris book Christmas special offer at 60€ will end on January 8 and it's the last chance for you to get this gorgeous 320 pages book at the best price ever, so don't miss it as it is the last copies of the book which will not be reprinted! The Christmas offer is for both english update edition or the french collector's edition at 60€ ( + 15€ shipping worldwide ) and that include too a great additional surprise gift!

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To place your order please send an email to:  - Please let me know in your email if you want the english or french edition!

Important note: shipping takes 3-4 days for France, 10-15 days to European countries, 2 to 3 weeks for countries outside Europe. To make sure you will receive the book on time for Christmas, if you buy it for a Christmas gift, please place your order as soon as possible, thanks.

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Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Book
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Those of you who have never seen the book can see the 320 pages of the book on the video below AND you can see more pictures on the book website HERE.

And now an important message in french for my french readers:


L'offre spéciale de Noel à 60€ ( + 15€ de frais d'envois ) sur le livre "Disneyland Paris, De L'Esquisse à la Création" en édition collector française se terminera Dimanche 8 Janvier. MAIS il ne reste plus également qu'environ DIX exemplaires de l'édition collector française disponibles à ce prix.

Plus important: Une fois l'offre spéciale terminée il ne restera en tout et pout tout qu'une trentaine d'exemplaires du livre disponibles et le prix de ces 30 derniers exemplaires passera à 100€ ( qui était le prix originel de cette édition collector française ) et les frais d'envois à 22€. Il n'y aura donc PAS de nouvelle promotion et je ne saurais que trop conseiller à ceux qui n'ont pas encore le livre de profiter de l'offre de Noel tant qu'il en reste!

Et encore plus important: compte tenu que cette édition collector française était une édition limitée à 2000 exemplaires, une fois ces derniers exemplaires vendus elle ne sera pas ( et ne pourra pas compte tenu de le limite des 2000 exemplaires atteints ) être rééditée.

En deux mots, il vous reste peu de temps pour commander le livre, profiter de l'offre de Noel et surtout pour pouvoir acquérir  cette édition collector car une fois épuisée elle deviendra introuvable pour toujours!

Pour toute commande m'envoyer un email à: en me précisant si l'adresse d'expédition est en France ou en Belgique ( car les frais d'envois pour la Belgique sont à 25€ et pas 15€ )

Le livre est disponible avec envoi immédiat en colissimo suivi pour les envois en France ou l'étranger.

Note à l'attention des acheteurs avec une adresse de livraison en ITALIE ou BELGIQUE: Les envois vers la Belgique ou l'Italie sont de 25 €.

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Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas l'édition collector voici ses caractéristiques: l'édition collector est imprimée sur un papier encore plus luxueux que l'était l'édition normale, a une impression couleur or sur la jaquette et la couverture, est limitée à 2000 exemplaires en français ( et 2000 en anglais ), chaque exemplaire est numéroté, ET chaque exemplaire contient quatre "tirés à part" de magnifiques concept-arts réalisés pour la conception des Walt Disney Studios, chacun d'entre-eux étant encadrables. De sucroit, le contenu du livre de cette nouvelle impression est strictement identique aux exemplaires de l'édition collector imprimés il y a 10 ans.

Comment faire pour commander et régler un exemplaire de cette édition collector?

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N'oubliez pas de préciser ou de nous envoyer votre adresse d'expédition en nous informant de votre commande et paiement ET de nous dire si vous voulez le livre en édition française ou anglaise en nous envoyant un email à:

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Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Book
Ci-dessous vidéo montrant l'intégralité des 320 pages du livre.

Watch How ILM Wizards Recreated in CGI Peter Cushing for Rogue One : A Star Wars Story

If you watched in theatre Rogue One : A Star Wars Story then you've probably been impressed how ILM wizards have re-created the great Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin character, as well as a young Princess Leia. Now, Lucasfilm has released through ABC a great video showing how bringing back the late Peter Cushing and 19-year-old Carrie Fisher for a story taking place before the 1977 "Star Wars" was a CGI challenge.

Picture and video: copyright Lucasfilm

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gorgeous Disneyland Commercial Announcing the Return of Main Street Electrical Parade

Disneyland released an amazing commercial for the return of Main Street Electrical Parade showing a woman passing in front of every iconic Disneyland extinct attraction in less than 20 seconds before bringing the final light to illuminate Elliot in the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Now Mousegamer Presents has found most ( if not all! ) easter eggs hidden in this new MSEP commercial!

Video: copyright Disney

Here is what to don't miss this year at Disneyland Paris !

Here is what to don't miss this year at Disneyland Paris ! Below, DLP official press release.

It is almost 25 years since Disneyland Park opened just outside Paris. To celebrate this special event, Mickey and Friends are looking further ahead and becoming explorers of the future in an extraordinary, brand new Parade. Their mission: to dazzle guests. Speaking of exploration, the galaxy far, far away is finally within our reach with two new special Star WarsTM ridesStar Tours: The Adventures Continue and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission. Immersive experience guaranteed. The festivities continue with two new daytime shows which take place near Sleeping Beauty Castle. As a stunning night-time finale, Disneyland Park also introduces the all-new Disney Illuminations, featuring state-of-the-art technology. Spotlight on the new experiences for the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris!
New: Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Launched at the opening of Disneyland Park in 1992, Star Tours soon established itself as a cult ride. 25 years later, it’s back with a new experience, new destinations, a new pilot, new characters and new 3D technology. Introducing Star Tours: The Adventures Continue! Prepare for lift-off on an all-new, action-packed, 3D intergalactic voyage… it’s sure to be epic.
Thanks to a multitude of new scenes and more than 70 possible mission combinations, guests will never know where the Force might take them. Every ride will offer unique surprises with journeys through the planet Jakku, Naboo, Hoth, Tatooine and more, perhaps even via the Death Star. Guests will travel through the galaxy with a new pilot, C-3PO, meeting heroes they have never encountered until now. Watch out for Darth Vader… Each scenario, journey and unexpected development is random to ensure that guests enjoy an original experience every time and fully immerse themselves in the universe of the Star WarsTM films. Episodes I to VII inclusive.
New: Meet the Dark Side of the Force
Good news! Disneyland Paris guests will finally get the chance to meet the formidable Darth Vader every day. Head to the new dedicated area near the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride for a private meet and greet. A tip for those who dare to make an appearance? Don’t let your guard down when taking photos.
New: Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission
In spring 2017, Star WarsTM will take over a legendary space-themed ride. Space Mountain will become Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain for a totally unique experience. In a brand new environment inspired by the Star WarsTM universe, guests can join the famous Rebel Alliance and become pilots on a sensational mission. They will travel through the Star WarsTM galaxy at intense speed, to the epic soundtrack of the saga.
The experience will also have amazing visuals with breath-taking special effects. Experience a unique and exciting voyage through the Star WarsTM universe and enjoy the thrill of evading TIE fighters and an intimidating Star Destroyer.
New: Disney Stars on Parade
Another exciting journey awaits guests in the brand new Disney Parade. With dizzying new floats, new music, a plethora of Disney Stars and new costumes, Disney Stars on Parade will dazzle guests of all ages.
In Disney Stars on Parade, we follow Mickey and Friends on a real journey of discovery to the land of imagination, divided into eight chapters. Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Chip and Dale are explorers of the future… with a steampunk-inspired futuristic look. The heroes of Toy Story are close behind, ready to take guests “to infinity and beyond!”! Roar along with Simba to the problem-free philosophy, “Hakuna Matata”! Similarly, Baloo and Mowgli remind us that all it takes to be happy are “the bare necessities”, to the sound of percussion that conjures up a sense of adventure and a jungle atmosphere. Head for Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys! The underwater world is also celebrated with Nemo, Marlin and Dory. Listen out for the roar of Maleficient’s majestic dragon form, which challenges Prince Phillip and actually breathes fire. Fortunately, the romance of the Disney Princesses always triumphs over evil. The final chapter of this world of wonder ends as the book closes with an icy blast, thanks to the much-loved heroines of Frozen.
New: Mickey presents “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris” 
The Disney Stars invite guests to gather in front of the stage at Sleeping Beauty Castle for a huge anniversary celebration, every day of the year. From all over the park, they join together in step until the arrival of everyone’s favourite mouse. To mark this exceptional anniversary, Mickey makes a grand entrance dressed in his smartest outfit: a blue and silver dinner jacket in the celebratory colours. 1, 2, 3, 4, it’s time to sing together: “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris”!
New: The Starlit Princess Waltz
With a sprinkle of fairy dust, Tinker Bell opens the festivities. Aurora wants to invite the other Disney Princesses to the ball: Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Tiana. Each princess makes her entrance in a magnificent ball gown, specially created for the 25th Anniversary, to the sound of a romantic fanfare. Their message: to remind the audience that every little girl, regardless of her age or background, is a Princess. This show is enhanced by the spectacular fountains in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
New: Disney Illuminations
As night falls, it is time for the final spectacular new experience: Disney Illuminations. This all-new show, featuring state-of-the-art technology, incorporates sound, lights, projections, fountains and breathtaking pyrotechnic effects.
Every night, against the backdrop of the Castle, Mickey takes us on a captivating journey, following in the footsteps of the heroes of animated masterpieces. He transports the audience to a dimension where the stories of The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and Frozen come to life, with the projection of “live action” film images for the very first time. Guests will witness an incredible naval battle featuring the Black Pearl, the legendary ship of Jack Sparrow. Finally, stars are on the agenda, with a sequence of “live action images” which will delight all Star Wars fans. Featuring the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters and Stormtroopers… The Force is strong with Disney Illuminations.
From 26 March 2017, come and enjoy the dazzling new experiences to mark the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Picture: copyright Disney

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Disneyland Paris It's a Small World 360° Video

Maureen from Hello Disneyland had the great idea to film Disneyland Paris It's a Small World this December ...and in 360°! If there is a ride where a 360° filming is a good idea it's It's a Small World as there are dolls on every side and with the boat moving we generally can't see all of them - which by the way also give to the attraction a high degree of repeatability. 

The 360° video is below and a usual place your mouse on the image to "turn" the angle of view. Also as usual, note that the 360° effect does NOT work with Safari but works fine with Firefox.

Video: copyright Hello Disneyland

Disneyland Paris will launch its 25th Anniversary in 100 days !

Disneyland Paris will launch its 25th Anniversary in 100 days and they did a great picture and video with all the main characters to announce it!

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Monday, January 2, 2017

"Passengers" Short Review

I've watched also tonight the Sci-Fi movie "Passengers", starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Morten Tyldum - who did previously the pretty good "Imitation Game" with Benedict Cumberbatch, which i remember enjoying a lot.

The movie tells the story of a huge spaceship travelling with thousands of humans asleep to a colony planet where the ship will arrive in 120 years. But a malfunction awake from the sleep chambers 90 years early one of them ( Chris Pratt ). "Passengers" is far to be perfect but is really gorgeous esthetically speaking - especially the spaceship sets even if there is no doubt that most of them have been created digitally as there is no way the production would have paid to create these huge decors in "real".

Making a movie with two actors only ( or almost but i don't reveal more here ) lost in space in a giant spaceship was a challenge but for the most the movie succeed to don't have boring moments - not totally, but "for the most". That said, Morten Tydlum, the director, is not Stanley Kubrick, and he don't pretend to be even if you can feel that the care to realistic decor in the spaceship eye in direction of Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey style. But the script of "Passengers" don't have the metaphysics dimension that "2001" had. So let's stop here to compare the both as it won't be fair, but let's just say that a script with a bit more depth would have been welcome. By the way, talking about Kubrick, there is a great tribute in "Passengers" to another Kubrick movie - not "2001" but "The Shining" - as you'll see if you watch "Passengers".

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence do a good job, especially Jennifer Lawrence whom i consider a much more superior actor. The problem with Passengers is that it's a movie which shows involuntarily the limits of Chris Pratt. Don't get me wrong, Pratt is okay in his role of a mechanic, played with his usual cocky style that girls love, but there is a scene at the start where he wear a long beard - a bit like the one of Tom Hanks in "Castaway" - and not only the beard is fake and you can see it, which is not the biggest problem, but you realize that Chris Pratt regular acting is not enough interesting to be interesting even hidden by a fake beard. He's okay all along the rest of the movie - thanks God he cut his beard shortly after this sequence - but  you realize that when a scene must be emotional, he has some limits.

This reminds me a story with Shia LaBeouf, back in 2008, when he was the young blockbuster star in Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. At that time, everyone was talking about him as the new golden boy actor whom, in addition, was the protégé of Steven Spielberg. I remember a talk i had with a friend of mine, telling him that "in ten years he will be forgotten". And for the most,  it's what happened. And i'm sorry to say that i have the same feeling with Chris Pratt. Pratt is very hot now and still will be in the coming years thanks to Jurassic World 2 and Guardians of Galaxy 2 but if he don't go through serious changes inside of him, i give him too ten years to be "out" from the top list.

Back to Passengers, now, and even if it's not the Sci-Fi movie of the decade, the movie is still very pleasant to watch, and "to watch" is the right word as it's difficult to be insensitive to the beauty of  each decor or each frame. I add that considering the challenge, as i've said, to do a movie with two people only in a spaceship, for the most Morten Tyldum did a very elegant filming all along, and i'm sure that's what you'll remember when you'll go out of the theatre after watching "Passengers".

Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Short Review

So, i've watched in theatre last week Rogue One : A  Star Wars Story and i quite liked it. I can even say that it was better than i expected. I wouldn't go as far as saying like some does that it was as good as The Empire Strike Back ( Star Wars Episode 5 ) because it's not but Gareth Edwards, the director who did an excellent job on the last Godzilla movie, did also an excellent job here. ILM visual effects are perfect as usual, but the movie works especially well in the last part and even more in the last minutes as the transition with the first Star Wars is truly perfect, and it had to be as the action of Rogue One as we know is happening before Episode 4, and Rogue One ends literally a few seconds before the beginning of A New Hope.

Felicity Jones is pretty good in her role of the young Jyn Erso, but i'm more reserved on the CGI re-creation of the late Peter Cushing. Technically speaking the result is impressive but it's still not "totally that", meaning that the illusion of life is not totally there - and it will take them probably many years before they succeed to achieve this miracle - though it works better with the young CGI Princess Leia at the end because you see her a few seconds only. They did also a very strange mistake with the CGI Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarking as he looks much taller than the real Peter Cushing was. It's very strange they did this mistake because it don't looks that difficult to have re-create Cushing in his real size... Also, and although it's fun to see Darth Vader again, the actor playing Vader is not the same one than in the original trilogy - David Prowse in Episode 4 and Daniel Naprous in Rogue One but both with the voice of James Earl Jones - and you can feel the change of actors. Vader may have the same costume, helmet, etc, the two are not moving exactly the same and you can feel it. Most people probably won't notice it, but i did.

And the storyline, you ask? Well, before watching it i said that i was afraid that we'll get a classical "commando" movie dressed with a Star Wars style and, in some scenes it's that. There is always a kind of mandatory scenes in war or commando movies and you know you won't escape to have them, even if you've seen them hundred times in previous movies. You have this also in Rogue One and even disguised with a Star Wars theme you see them coming. But for the most the movie is pleasant to watch, and i'm pretty sure that it will be successful, even more than what Disney thought, and that you will enjoy it.

Picture: copyright Disney - Lucasfilm