Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial Pictures !

Chinese apparently compete to shoot Shanghaî Disneyland drone videos and it probably won't stop now until park opening day. You've seen a new aerial video in the post below and here are screens shots from another one as it was not possible to embed the video posted on Weibo. The definition of this new video is not as good as the previous one and also have not totally accurate colours, though they are a bit better.  Enjoy the pics anyway!


More Shanghaî Disneyland update coming soon!

New High-Def Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial Video !

A new drone video has been uploaded on Youtube and it seems that they don't even care anymore to fly the drones when there are people working in the park as you'll see in the video below. so, no more sunrise videos but unfortunately they gave to the image a dominant colour which obviously is not the reality. I tried on the screens captures below to modify this a bit but it's obviously still not the perfect aerial video with the perfect colors.

Anyway, here is the video which is extremely good on a definition point of view, so make sure to enlarge each screen capture to see details clearly.

And now,  enhanced screen captures!

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Most Impressive Picture So Far of Shanghaî DIsneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle

jiweii has posted on Instagram the most impressive picture of SDL castle so far, shot in the morning apparently. Did i hear anyone saying « massive »?

First Pictures of Shanghaî Disneyland Entrance !

Thanks to pictures posted on Weibo we have the first pictures of Shanghaî Disneyland entrance! You see above and below the park entrance - after you've been through the turnstiles - to enter Mickey Avenue, as i remind you there is no Main Street U.S.A at Shanghaî Disneyland. Yes, the building is full of reminiscences of Disneyland Main Street Station, except that it's not a train station and there is no railroad too at SDL!

The two next pictures show what is before the above pictures, and i think - right or wrong - that it is the entrance with the turnstiles, as it don't look like the ticketing booths.

This last picture is a view of what is on the left of the entrance and the big red building in the background is Disneytown Walt Disney Grand Theatre where will play The Lion King musical.

See you very soon for more Shanghaî Disneyland update!

Life Size Dinosaurs Roar in Bangkok as Dinosaur Planet Opens in Sukhumvit Area !

Bangkok awaited Dinosaur Planet theme park opened with excitement last week-end and stunned everyone with its dozens of full life size Audio-Animatronics Dinosaurs! D&M has a full coverage of  the small theme park which will stay in Bangkok Sukhumvit EmQuartier area until next January, after what it should be moved near Pattaya.

D&M report about Dinosaur Planet will run on several articles as there is too much to show about this amazing dinosaurs park. The first thing to know is that all dins are reproduced real life size, i.e some are up to 120 feet / 40m long and 60 feet / 20 m high! AND they are all Audio-Animatronics with head, mouth, neck, eyes, tail, front legs moving! Some even have the belly moving to simulate the breath of the dinos. The result is that you can stand near dinosaurs which are as big as they were in real and have for the first time the feeling that you would have had if you've been living 150M years ago when these giants ruled the Earth! The skin and skin colors are extremely good, even better than the dinosaurs at Universal Jurassic Park.

The park has currently six different areas, each with attractions and a seven attraction - a 4D ride -will open in May. A giant volcano stand in the center as well as a 50m high "big wheel" called Dino Eye and which enter a show building when it goes up and down, also with AAs dinosaurs and diorama scenes.

The "e-Ticket" attraction is with no doubt the "Stars of Dinos" ride and the next article will show you ll about it. as for today we'll have a look at the park "Central Plaza" located right after the entrance which is an attraction in itself with its giant 40m long Diplodocus and Brontosaur! And if you want to have an idea how big they re look at the scale between the guests and the dinos on the pictures below!

Views from the top of the big wheel "Dino Eye".

Guests have access to Dinosaur Planet attractions directly from the central plaza. Here, Dinosaur District entrance, one of the Dinosaur Planet attractions. Special article about it coming soon!

 The entrance of the Stars of Dinos attraction, special article about it coming soon!

The entrance of the Raptor Extreme attraction, special article about it coming soon!

The entrance of the future 4D Deep World attraction, opening in May!

More pictures of Dinosaur Planet Central Plaza...

Dinosaur Planet dinosaurs rule Bangkok!

Dinosaur Planet Central Plaza looks magical at night!

Here is a D&M exclusive video that will show you Dinosaur Planet Central Plaza and these giants dinosaurs!

See you soon for the part two of the Dinosaur Planet report!

All pictures: copyright Disney and more