Saturday, November 26, 2011

Universal Singapore : Transformers Ride Pre-Show Movie

You've seen in previous videos some bits of the Transformers ride pre-show movies but this new video filmed by Dejiki will show you the whole pre-show movie. Now, there is more than one pre-show movie inside Transformers pre-show and this is the first one of them. The videos of other movies will come later this week.

I also remind you that Dejiki did a full report on the ride that you can read HERE if you haven't read it yet.

Pre-show movie : copyright Universal Studios

New Video Report about USS Transformers Ride

Still no on ride video of the Transformers ride at Universal Studios Singapore, but here is a new video report about it, including short interviews of Universal creatives and shots of all the Transformers area, including some of the ride itself.

Video: copyright takandes

Disney backs out of National Harbor Project

For the second time, Disney backs out from a project in Virginia, the first time was in the 1990's when they decided to give up the Disney's America theme park in Prince William County after many in the community objected.

And today Maryland news announced that Disney decided they backs out of the "National Harbor" project and canceled plans to build a 500-room resort hotel at National Harbor, dealing a blow to an ambitious project that is seen as an integral part of the economic future of Prince George’s County. More details about this:

"Disney had plans for a huge resort hotel at National Harbor, and even bought the land for the project back in 2009. It's a prime spot up on a hill that overlooks the rest of the development. It also has a view of the Potomac and even the Washington Monument.

But now, Disney says the timing "isn't right to proceed with another new project of this scale."

"We remain focused on new Disney experiences currently in the pipeline, which include a new cruise ship, a massive expansion of Fantasyland at Walt Disney World ... our expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland and our new Shanghai Disney Resort," Disney spokeswoman Kristin Nolt Wingard said in a statement.

National Harbor developer Jon Peterson says the decision is disappointing, and he will look to buy the land back so it can be used for something else.

Despite the disappointment, he says there are still plans to break ground over the next year on a big Tanger Outlet center and a new mixed use apartment complex.

Prince George's County officials are also dismayed by the news.

"The Baker administration is disappointed, but it wont stop us from continuing to aggressively pursue other development opportunities," says Scott Peterson, spokesperson for County Executive Rushern Baker.

The county will use the new development fund introduced this year to help bring other projects to the county, Peterson says".

Want to know more about this Disney project that will never exist? Then jump to Werner's article on Mice Age HERE.

Text: copyright Maryland News

Friday, November 25, 2011

Universal Singapore Transformers Ride : Panoramic Pictures by Dejiki Nicholas

Dejiki Nicholas just sent me a great pictorial report on the Transformers ride which is opening Dec 3 at Universal Studios Singapore. And not only his pictures of the pre-show are "crystal clear" but most of them are panoramic pictures, so you'll be able to see the fantastic pre-show decor "just like if you were there". Click on each to enlarge the pictures.

There we go, and the picture on the top shows the entrance of the ride in USS Sci-Fi City. Below, the beginning of the queue.

Once you enter in NEST the pre-show decor is extremely elaborated, with a lot of pre-show videos as you will see on the embedded video at the bottom of the article. The pictures below are either horizontal or panoramic shots. Again, click - specially on the horizontal pics - to see them in bigger size.

Dejiki, who spent a good 40 minutes watching all the videos in the Transformers queue to fully understand the story provides more details about the different queue areas:

1. Queue Area 2 introduces N.E.S.T and the Autobots to the guests (who are new recruits, and supposed to be going through training).

2. Queue Area 4 introduces the Decepticons and battle strategies.

3. Queue Area 5 describes the current situation, in which the Decepticons have broken into the NEST base and help is needed. EVAC, a newcomer Autobot, is mentioned. The "training" is suspended due to this emergency.

4. Queue Area 6 introduces EVAC, and the commanders explaining that the guests/recruits have to battle without training, and with EVAC.

5. Queue Area 7 is the safety preshow, which is surprisingly entertaining. You can read the transcript of it on his site HERE under "Preshow #5".

This last picture shows the last room, just before you embark in EVAC, the ride vehicle.

As you might want to know more about what-is-what in this queue decor the best is to jump on Dejiki web site HERE where you will have more details as well as a full description of the ride. But before have a look at this great video filmed by Bigbearsg which will show you in 11 minutes all the pre-show decor as well as a lot of the pre-show movies, and even the Transformers shop and the new restaurant at the exit of the ride!

All pictures: copyright Dejiki Nicholas

Video: copyright Bigbearsg

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Disneyland Paris launch an online poll for DLP fans !

Disneyland Paris has launched today a poll, and this one is to know better who DLP fans are and what are their expectations. It's the first time that DLP launch this kind a poll to better know what the fans expect from the park, and no need to say that you shouldn't miss this as it will be a unique chance to let them know what you are your expectations for the future!

The poll begin today, will end December 12 and you have the choice of language between french and english. The good point is that the poll is totally anonymous, i.e they won't ask your name, adress or tel number. At the end of the poll, though, there is a question about your email adress but even that if you don't want to give your email adress you don't have to.

So, go HERE, and tell DLP exactly what you think and want, that's the first time they do such a poll for the fans in twenty years, so not sure they will do it again anytime soon!

Picture: copyright Disney

Universal Singapore Transformers Ride : Full Ride Audio, and more

Soft opening of the highly awaited Transformers ride began at Universal Studios Singapore and of course, until the ride will have its official opening on Dec 3 it's not authorised to film the ride. But apparently they didn't said that audio recording was forbidden and, as it's also much easier to do without anyone notice it as you don't have to hold a camera in front of you, a smart USS fan has recorded the full ride audio and posted it on Youtube.

So, here it is and the length of this audio tape also indicates how long the ride is: 4.51 min, almost five minutes, which is great. Enjoy the sound and don't worry, the full ride video should appear anytime soon.

And, talking about images of the ride, USS has just released this video showing new images of the ride, with comments by Thierry Coup, the ride designer. More videos about the ride and pre-show can be watched in my previous post HERE.

Also, a new parade will began at USS starting Dec 31. It will be called "Hollywood Dreams" and USS visitors will witness a parade featuring "intricately detailed floats, special effects, dancers, a custom musical score and some fan-favourite characters". Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) said that the parade will last about 30 minutes, feature a cast of more than 100 performers and will run through five of USS' seven zones once a day on Fridays, Saturdays and selected holidays.

RWS senior vice-president of attractions Dennis Gilbert said: "The immense level of detail is evident in the design of the parade units. Everything about this parade, from the floats to the costumes to the choreographed acts, promises a visually spectacular show".

Audio: copyright Universal Studios Singapore

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HKDL Update : Christmas Illuminations and new Toy-riffic Street Party

Although most of HKDL marketing was in direction of the new Toy Story Land, the Christmas season also began in the park as you will see today with these two videos from michael20183 and wai0wan.
The first one, filmed by michael20183 show the Christmas Illumination in Main Street U.S.A and the Castle.

And this next video show the new Toy-riffic Street Party as view from Main Street U.S.A.

Those of you planning to go to HKDL for Christmas might be interested to get the new guide map of the park, recently released, so here it is below, and click on each part to enlarge the pictures.

See you soon for a new HKDL update and if you haven't downloaded it yet, don't miss the new Tokyo Disney Sea Wallpapers HD Application for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
Direct iTunes link HERE!

HKDL map: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright michael20183 or wai0wan

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visions of a Post Apocalyptic Disneyland

How will look a post-apocalyptic Disneyland ? Yes, i know, you don't even want to think that such a thing can happen and, relax, the probability that it really happen are very low, but this great artwork below will give you an idea of how it might look after such a disaster. Enlarge the picture to see it in details.

No need to say that this artwork is not a Disney artwork (!) but was done by artist Alex Ruiz, and i think he did a really good job (if i can say!) on this one. For those of you who are interested there is even some art prints (and greeting cards!) which can be order HERE. The "Disneyland Destroyed sign on the top is not from Alex Ruiz but is an acrylic on canvas from Jeff Gillette.

Mind you, even if those were not ordered by Disney more recently a vision of a post-apocalyptic Disney World was done for the Epic Disney game.

And i want to thanks Mark Hickson of the always excellent Disney by Mark blog for the inspiration of this article.

Pictures: copyright Alex Ruiz, Jeff Gillette or Disney

Sunday, November 20, 2011

UNI Singapore Transformers Ride : First Videos !

Okay, folks, now things are becoming serious. In less than two weeks from now one of the most sophisticated ride in theme park history will open at Universal Studios Singapore, and this is going to be one hell of a ride! Based on the same technology than Spiderman The Ride at Islands of Adventure, but for sure totally enhanced, the ride will also have a fantastic pre-show decor as you will see in the videos below, the first videos filmed inside the attraction. Let's begin by this cable channel news report.

The next video is an official one presented by Robin Goh, from Uni Singapore Media dept and he will explain you more about the pre-show decor. Apparently, even if you have never owned a Transformers action figure or watched a single installment of the Transformers films, don't worry, the pre-show is built to transport the guests into the Transformers world and immerse you into the story from the moment you step in.

And what about the ride itself, you ask? Well, the video below will show you a bit of the ride - just a little bit...

...And if you're not afraid of spoilers you can read a review from a USS cast-member who already ride Transformers The Ride HERE. Once again, serious spoilers ahead, so read it at your own risk!

Picture and video: copyright Universal Studios Singapore