Saturday, March 18, 2017

Star Tours : The Adventure Continues Now in Soft-Opening at Disneyland Paris - Full HD Video !

Star Tours : The Adventure Continues is now in soft-opening at Disneyland Paris and D&M has the full experience video for you with a a 16 Min video filmed by Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster! You'll see everything, from the new entrance  to the new pre-show area with the new droids, the shop at the end where was previously the Star Tours post-show and even one film of the ride itself!

So, go ahead, click on the video below!

Picture: copyright ED92, DLPWelcome

Gorgeous Pirates of Caribbean Mug Released for Disneyland POTC 50th Anniversary

It's Pirates of Caribbean 50th Anniversary today - see D@M POTC tribute below with dozens of original artworks - and to celebrate the anniversary of this beloved attraction Disneyland released the coolest mug i've seen in a loooong time! Disneyland guests can buy this incredibly cool POTC mug which, of course, is by now already sold out but Disney will restock them anytime soon.

What makes it great is that it shows scene of the ride all around the mug AND you have the (in)famous Pirate skeleton at the top, the one at the helm in the ghost ship sequence in the ride. They cost $12.99 and supposedly comes with the Jolly Roger punch - tropical juices with hints of pineapple, orange, and mango, yum - and you better act fast to get one of them as these mugs aren’t going to last forever!

Anyone out there who can get one for me will be blessed forever, just let me know if you get one and of course i'll be pleased to refund the $12.99 plus shipping!

Many thanks to Ktthedisneybear and Tadeonia who posted these pictures on Instagram!

Disneyland Celebrates Pirates of Caribbean 50th Anniversary - POTC Original Artwork

Disneyland celebrates Pirates of Caribbean 50th Anniversary today - the ride grand opening happened on March 18, 1967 - and so do we, here, at Disney and more! And to celebrate this POTC 50th Anniversary what can be better than to rediscover rare artwork of this Disneyland beloved attraction? So, today, here is a collection of rare Marc Davis renderings for Pirates of Caribbean with, above, the attraction poster by Colin Campbell as a tribute to him as the pirate is in fact a self portrait!

The above rendering shows a concept done before it was decided that the POTC ride would be a boat ride and was supposed to be a walk-through attraction. You may know some of the renderings below, but a lot of them are pretty rare and the main reason is because they show scenes ideas that were not used in the attraction. So, enjoy all of them and, below, two pictures of Marc Davis in the 1960's at work on the POTC artworks!

The two renderings below are not from Marc Davis. In fact, this next one is probably from Colin Campbell...

...and this gray pencil sketch of the Fortress with the boat ascending was done by Herb Ryman.

Most of the renderings below show scenes ideas that were used in the final attraction. Note that other renderings also related to scenes of the attraction were previously posted in the special "Behind the scenes" Pirates of Caribbean article that you can see HERE. Enjoy them all!

The two next renderings below shows the end scene of the WDW version.

And one more for the road as this last one was created by the great Herb Ryman!

All Artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc