Friday, December 20, 2019

LIVE From Disneyland Paris : Inside Ears Christmas Special Evening

A new special evening is happening currently tonight at Disneyland Paris for Inside Ears members - i.e webmasters and DLP fans Facebook pages - and D&M do a LIVE with the pictures i will receive all along the evening.

The Inside Ears special Christmas evening is starting now and here is how it look for the guests, including the buffets which look delicious.

No announcements have been done so far but the model of the Frozen float coming to the Frozen Cavalcade / parade that will happen during the Frozen celebration starting January 11, is on display with a changing lighting.

Concept-arts of the costumes for the Frozen characters during the Frozen Celebration starting next month at DLP.

Pictures of the special food for the Frozen Celebration season starting on January 11!

The new Star Tours movie is now playing at Star Tours : The Adventure Continues at Disneyland Paris Discoveryland!

Concept-art and characters costumes for Studio D, the new Disney Junior show starting at DLP Walt Disney Studios in 2020!

The Tram Tour at DLP Walt Disney Studios will close on January 5 and its original version will be changed for a new one themed on Cars. Below, the new logo for Cars Route 66 Road Trip, a new experience which will open Summer 2020. In this family adventure, visitors of all ages will buckle up for an entertaining road trip on the legendary Route 66 with the heroes of Cars, discovering natural and mechanical wonders!

THose of you who would like to see the WDS Tram Tour one last time in its original version and can't go to DLP before January 5 can watch Max excellent video below.

Also announced at the Inside Ears event: A new signature experience will be introduced at DLP and will cost 99€. For this price you will have privileged viewing area for Disney Stars on Parade, a private meeting with Mickey, a Festive lunch or Dinner in the restaurant of your choice with a "special celebration dessert and cocktail", the DLP Photopass and a 15€ gift card!

New merchandise coming soon in the parks! Let's start by the Frozen merchandise available when the Frozen Celebration will start on January 5.

Then, a very cool nostalgia merch with the items below, a limited release of DLP April 1992 opening merchandise!

A new series of keys will also be released in 2020. February: Ratatouille, March: Visionarium, April: Nautilus, June: Space Mountain

Very cool Grim Grinning Ghosts designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.
EDITING: Kevin, just let me know that in fact him and Jody did NOT designed these Grim Grinning Ghosts busts. The fact that they were placed near the Mary Poppins items ( that Kevin and Jody DID designed ) made me doing the mistake, apologies for that.

DJ Rex, now the awesome droid from Galaxy's Edge Cantina will also be available soon as well as another great sculpture of Alice's Cheshire Cat.

A last great piece designed by Kevin and Jody in tribute to Mary Poppins.

One last picture to keep memories of this Inside Ears special Christmas evening!

Pictures: copyright DLP Welcome or Robert Stallard, whom i thanks a lot!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker D&M Review ( With NO Spoilers )

I saw in theatre today Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker and the movie is pretty incredible. Personally i liked it a lot and it's without a doubt the best one of this last trilogy. The amount of events happening in Rise of Skywalker is amazing and, even if the movie last 2h21min you never have the feeling that it lasted 141 min. It happens sometime that, after watching a movie i think about the scenes that i think should have been cut to make it better but here it's not the case, there is no such thing, and nothing to cut, in my opinion. Sure, some may think that what is happening in the last third of Rise of Skywalker is sometime a bit hard to swallow, but we're in Star Wars not in real life, so even if the storyline is a bit "limit", that's okay.

One of the reason why the movie is so enjoyable is also because how it's filmed. J.J Abrams may not be perfect for some but you can't take out the fact that this guy knows how to film brillantly - and i'm talking here not only about the framing of each shot but how the camera moves - and a damn' good director. Sure, the editing is brilliant - and it had to be so viewers won't get lost in what is happening and the many ellipsis - but each scene of Rise of Skywalker is beautifully filmed and most of the time, beautiful to watch, esthetically speaking, which doesn't hurt.

I really don't want to spoil the story so you'll have to watch it to know what's happening but i think you probably won't be disappointed, unless you're a Star Wars purist, and even, i think Star Wars fans will love it.

One more thing: the sequence on the desert planet was filmed in Jordan Wadi Rum desert, which i know very well as i have been there. The first scenes ever filmed at Wadi Rum was for David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia, a director admired both by George Lucas and J.J Abrams and J.J took care to don't film the action of Rise of Skywalker exactly at the same Wadi Rum locations where Lean filmed Lawrence in 1961 which was not that easy as Lean took the best settings when he filmed there neraly sixty years ago, and they're so famous and recognizable that the crew of Rise of Skywalker really had to find others locations in this wonderful desert.

Anyway, go watch Rise of Skywailker and in the meantime, to keep you waiting, have a look at this short video done by Jared Owen who tell you what is really inside the Millennium Falcon.

Picture: copyright LucasFilm

Sunday, December 15, 2019

D&M Needs Your Support !

Folks, It seems that it was written that this last quarter will be unbelievably difficult for me and i have to stop D&M again for quite a while to take care of the "real" reality.  So, there will be probably NO NEW ARTICLES OR POSTS, or just a few at least until next year. Last August i asked for your support and a few dozens of D&M faithful readers - whom i thanks again a lot - kindly sent a donation to D&M. Since years, there is around 5000 readers coming each day on D&M and if you've not sent your support before, please send it NOW as Disney and more needs urgently your support. It's serious, so please make sure to read below how to send your support.

The easiest way to send your support is through Paypal and i've created a page on Paypal where you can send your donation. There is a minimum donation of 20€ but you're welcome to send more, of course. Also, an important note: this is NOT a subscription, meaning that you won’t have to pay each month or so, it’s a one-time only donation, unless of course you wish to donate again to D&M. And there is also a good news: everyone who will donate will be rewarded by great gifts, and all are great ones! So, after you sent your donation, don't forget to send me an email with your name to let me know at : so you can get the surprise gifts to thank you.

HERE is the link to the Paypal page to send your support ( if there is a problem to access the page, please let me know, but normally it should work fine ):

Most of all, i thank you by advance, and i hope to see you soon, in the meantime follow me on the D&M Facebook page where i might continue to post good links and have all a great Christmas!