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VERY Important message: Folks, you couldn’t know it because i succeeded to keep posting each day and D&M looks as usual, but in fact the last two weeks have been dreadful for me. And i am sorry to say that Disney and more truly needs your urgent support, and it’s no joking’!

Disney and more started 11 years ago and since April 2007, at the exception of the ads or special offers for my Disneyland Paris book, the site never had any publicity - voluntarily as just like everyone i don’t like sites with Ads everywhere - not even a “Paypal donation” button at the end of the articles, except for a very short period, years ago. Sounds cool but it also mean that the site - and so, myself - don’t live on Advertising revenues, or anything else others than the sales of the book. Unfortunately, something happened recently which put my situation in true jeopardy. So, for the first time in 11 years, i have to ask for your support.

What happened has in fact a name and it’s called “Murphy’s law”. Murphy’s law, basically, means that “everything that can go wrong will go wrong”. We’ve all been through moments like this, when not only nothing works as it should, but every project is stopped no matter what you do or is delayed infinitely, and at the end it’s your own life which is in danger. In this case, and although I always enjoy a lot posting daily articles on Disney and more and find for you the most interesting links for this Facebook page, i learned this week that some money that i was expecting soon won’t come in before months and, as the projects i'm working on won’t also bring revenue before months, i know now that i won’t make it.

So, i find myself in an emergency situation, so truly urgent that i have to ask for your support, and God knows that i really hate to have to do this. The best way to bring your support to D&M is through a donation by directly sending directly the amount you wish to my Paypal account at: It can be any amount whether it is 5, 10, 20 or 50 $ or €, or any amount you wish in any currency, and each donation will be rewarded by a very cool gift.
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I sincerely thank you by advance for your generosity and your comprehension.

Is Universal Studios Singapore Planning to Add a Wizarding World of Harry Potter ?

According to some Screamscape sources a Wizarding World of Harry Potter may be under consideration for Universal Studios Singapore. The problem is that Wizarding World take up a considerable amount of space, and Universal Studios Singapore is a small park which don't have space. And no possibility too to add more land on Sentosa Island as the park is stuck between two roads. And as you'll see on the screen capture below you also can't go on the other side of the road because there is a golf course on the other side.

As Lance said - in his post HERE that i just saw but which was posted last June - where would they put a Harry Potter land? "If they opt to move ahead with it, I'm hearing that the land of Far Far Away ( circled in orange on the picture ) would be removed to make way for Hogwarts Castle. It currently takes up a large section of the park but offers little in the way of major attractions, featuring only a kiddie coaster, the Magic Potion Spin kiddie wheel, a couple of small theater shows (Donkey Live & Shrek 4D). It is interesting that it does also feature the park's newest attraction, Puss in Boots' Giant Journey, but that could be given a Potter themed makeover perhaps, along with converting the Enchanted Airways kiddie coaster into another Flight of the Hippogriff coaster."

That said, the Far Far Away land serves as the "Fantasyland" land of USS and in my opinion there is another area which they could use to build a Harry Potter land which is the one where is the Waterworld show ( circled in blue on the picture ). It's a bit smaller than Far Far Away, not that much actually, but may be there is not enough room. Eventually they could incorporate the Puss in Boots Giant Journey coaster and, as Lance says, rethemed it with a Potter theme. But it also would mean to delete the main big live show of the park which is also very popular...

And of course there is another major problem, which is that USS is now the only Universal Studios park that Comcast don't own. Meaning that Comcast probably would like to do like the did in Japan, i.e to become the full owner of the park before building a Wizarding World of Harry Potter. All this to say that, if it happen, it will take probably many years, and so far take this only as a rumor.

Picture: copyright Google Maps

Thursday, March 22, 2018

New Europa Park Can-Can Coaster Will Take Guests Back to Paris Belle Epoque !

For its 2018 season, Europa Park, Germany's largest theme park will show its dedication to its beloved neighbour, France. After extensive modernisation, visitors to Europa-Park can look forward to a redesigned French themed area. With a fresh look, new attractions, and new gastronomic offerings, the park's French area will be the highlight of the coming season.

Starting this summer, guests will discover the redesigned Eurosat – CanCan Coaster, including another Coastiality experience. The entrance zone around the landmark of the French themed area had a new coat of paint during the course of the renovation: Traditional Parisian architecture, with a faithful replica of Paris famous Moulin Rouge theatre invites visitors to the belle époque of the capital. The attractive redesign takes visitors back to the 19th century and invites all to get in the mood for the Eurosat – CanCan Coaster, a special kind of night rollercoaster journey.

Guests will stroll through a waiting area full of the intricate Parisian decorations of the Moulin Rouge theatre, before embarking on the carriages of the Eurosat CanCan coaster for a nights journey through the City of Light. The genuine true-to-life replica at Europa-Park honors the tradition of the Moulin Rouge, a landmark of Parisian nightlife that has shone on the hill of Montmartre since the 19th century.

Europa-Park has made extensive structural changes to the French themed area and the refurbishment work has primarily focused on the 45-metre high dark rollercoaster, Eurosat. The tracks, alongside all technical aspects and theming, have been completely renewed. Passengers of the new Eurosat – CanCan Coaster created by Mack Rides will travel in newer, larger and more comfortable cars offering a significantly improved riding experience.

Below, the front vehicle of the Can Can coaster.

In addition to the redesign, visitors will also be able to look forward to an additional virtual reality experience from MackMedia. To make the innovative riding experience of Eurosat Coastiality possible, a separate station with track switches and its own carriages will be integrated for the first time worldwide. This means there will be two attractions in one ride.

The track layout will be inspired by the original design of the futuristic silver ball and will stay around 900 meters long.

Another novelty is the world of Madame Freudenreich's Curiosités which showcases in a typical half-timbered style and replaces the previous attraction Universe of Energy. In addition to the entrance area to the redesigned coaster, visitors of all ages can look forward to various scenarios in the House of the Great Dinosaur Fans and discover plenty of relics from the giants of the past. After this adventure, the floating bistro boat ‘Liberté’ on the lake invites visitors to relax and revitalise on either of its two floors, but also to watch a spectacular water fountain show which is displayed several times per hour accompanied by traditional French music.

Also, from the start of the season, the new face of the former attraction Old 99 will thrill all as Michael Ende's Jim Button ‒ Journey through Morrowland. Also new is the arrival of the beloved bear Paddington to the English themed area, whereas in Greece, an entire ice show will be dedicated to the cuddly children's book figure. More about everything new in 2018 at Europa Park on the press release page HERE.

Pictures: copyright Europa Park

Disney's Frozen Musical On Broadway Trailer

Disney released the trailer for Frozen: the Musical as tonight is the official opening of Disney’s Frozen on Broadway in a New York hit by another snow fall and 12 inches of snow! Reviews are good, so far.

Picture and video: copyright Disney

D&M Poll: What About Having a Gorgeous Two Meters Long Cutaway Nautilus ?

We learn with an interesting Laughing Place article HERE that "WDI, under the leadership of Bob Weis, will take on the responsibility of developing consumer products such as merchandise, games, publishing and apps”. At first sight it can look like an odd idea (WDI Imagineers probably have better things to do ), but may be they’re the best ones to create products that fans will love.

So, talking about collectibles merchandise, i'd like to have your opinion about an idea that i had and would like to suggest to DLP. It is about a Nautilus item - as we are the only Disney park having a Nautilus in which we can enter inside - and it's a Nautilus product that has never been done before, though a model kit exist. 

Look above and below at two rare pictures of Tom Scherman - Imagineer and Nautilus specialist without whom we wouldn’t have a Nautilus in Paris - standing with the cutaway Nautilus that Tom did a long time ago. Plenty of Nautilus replicas have been previously released, in different sizes, but nobody ever released a cutaway Nautilus like the one below where you can see the different rooms inside Nemo's submarine, with miniature furniture in each, etc...

The idea would be to release one, except that here it’s all in one piece when the one that would be sold would be in several parts which, put together, would make a Nautilus as big as it is here on these pictures. You can’t do a smaller cutaway Nautilus because it would mean that the small elements inside the rooms would be proportionally even smaller than here and it would be too difficult to do well. Also, you can't sell it in the park the size like it is above because it’ll be too big to carry for guests in the park or even to be shipped for those who would order it through DLP mail order service. Not to mention that it will be probably also too expensive.

So, the idea would be to sell it in 4 or 5 parts, starting by the one with Captain Nemo's famous Grand Salon, and then each six months or so, to release a new part, and at the end when all the parts would be released it would make a cutaway Nautilus as big as here. I've heard years ago from the great Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily - who did the awesome collectibles for Disneyland 50th Anniversary - that they had a similar project, so may be Kevin and Jody could do it. And, if he is still alive and always working, the great Robert Olszewski who did years ago all Disneyland in miniature surely would be able to recreate each Nautilus rooms and furniture in miniature size.

Wouldn't it be cool? I'm sure that Nautilus fans would love to have a cutaway Nautilus in their home. So, please leave your opinion below, and don't hesitate to do it as i know that DLP is following D&M and your opinion might have more weight than you think. By the way, i've been told recently that the results of the polls that i did some months ago on D&M asking what kind of attractions you would like to see coming at DLP in the future were taken into account by DLPI, and it's even partly thanks to those of you who answered "NO" at 86% at the question "Would you like the Tower of Terror to be changed in a Guardians of Galaxy ride?" that we succeeded to finally keep the ToT as it is in the WDS! True. One may think that Disney don't listen to the fans and that they do what they want, which is often right, but sometime they're not sure of the right decision to take, and it's here that fans opinions can help to tip the scales in favor of one side rather than another.

So, all this to say that if you like this idea of a collectible cutout Nautilus, say it below!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Pictures and First Video of Shanghai Disneyland Toy Story Land !

Toy Story Land at Shanghai Disneyland will open on April 26 but D&M has for you the first video and new pictures showing the new land of Shanghai Disneyland!

Go ahead, watch the video below!

Picture: copyright DONGDONG

BREAKING NEWS: Disneyland Paris Reveals Epic New Show for WDS Incredible Marvel Summer of Super Heroes Season - Full Pictorial Report of DLP Announcement Event

During a special event at Paris Palais de Tokyo last night Disneyland Paris revealed details and rendering for the epic new show coming at WDS former Cinemagique theatre for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes Season starting June 10!

I've got plenty of pictures and video for you but let's start by the official Press Release:

This summer, Marvel Super Heroes are landing at Walt Disney Studios Park for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes season at Disneyland Paris. Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and the Guardians of the Galaxy will all be there for another never-before-seen season, with multiple shows and experiences that promise to be EPIC! A brand new innovative stage show will be the main event, giving guests a truly immersive experience with their favorite Super Heroes.

This seasonal event is the beginning of a broader, long-term presence of the Marvel universe at Disneyland Paris, including a new Marvel-themed area and attraction, as well as the first Disney Hotel to showcase the thrilling world of the Avengers, Spider- Man and more rolling out in 2020. These new Marvel experiences are just one of the ways Walt Disney Parks and Resorts continues to bring immersive worlds to life for guests around the globe.

“Marvel: Super Heroes United”: a spectacular innovative production

Among the new additions for this summer, the Marvel: Super Heroes United show will bring together favorite Marvel Super Heroes for a new live show with cutting-edge technology. This live-action super-production mixes a huge 400 m2 stage with one of the biggest LED screens in Europe, incredible special effects and, for the first time, in a Disney Park, the indoor use of drones beneath unbelievable aerial choreography for a truly spectacular show.

Imagine You’re sitting in your chair with projections all around you, before some of the biggest Marvel Super Heroes on the stage, surrounded by breathtaking special effects for a unique and immersive experience. Marvel: Super Heroes United uses the latest technology to create a fully-immersive world.

The magic of video projections allows guests to move between worlds. You will travel with Doctor Strange to the “Sanctum Sanctorum,” visit Dr. Abraham Erskine’s lab (creator of the Super Soldier Serum used by Steve Rogers aka Captain America), and even enter the sanctuary of the evil villain Thanos.

In this brand new story, Thanos will bring trouble to the Avengers and their allies after finding a way to manipulate them, turning them against each another. Thanos succeeds in distracting the Avengers from their top priority which is to protect all mankind. Luckily, the Heroes will unite to thwart his evil plans. With a few more twists and turns the ultimate battle between good and evil prevails.

Backstage at... Marvel: Super Heroes United

• A huge stage measuring over 400 m2
• A projection area measuring 1,000 m2
• One of Europe’s largest LED screens
• A 180° video experience with over 30 video projectors
• Special effects and scenic pyrotechnics
• 80 light projectors and moving stage sets The Studio Theatre at Walt Disney Studios Park has been completely reimagined to welcome this show and its cutting-edge technology
• From initial studies to the end of construction, this project will involve almost 300 professionals.
• During the season, the show will be performed up to 5 times per day.

The Marvel Summer of Super Heroes seasonal event will be at Walt Disney Studios Park every day from June 10 through September 30, 2018.

Below, the video of the presentation of the Marvel show and Summer of Super Heroes coming to DLP WDS starting June 10, filmed for D&M by Robert Stallard yesterday during DLP announcement event at the Palais de Tokyo. And don't go away as there is much more coming below with more details and plenty of pictures!

Now, during DLP WDS Marvel Summer of Super Heroes there will be more than the amazing new show and our friends of ED92 did a special post about it, here is the english translation, for the french version please jump to ED92 HERE:

"Here we go, so hang on to your mask and cape because this publication promises to be the most super heroic of the year!

But let's start from the beginning. After almost a year of work, the Studio Theater (which previously proposed the show "CinéMagique") open again for the great production "Marvel: The Alliance of Super Heroes" which will undoubtedly be an epic show with a stage of 400 square meters, one of the largest LED screens in Europe and a projection area of 1000 square meters covered 180 degrees by more than 30 projectors.

But that will not be all as you'll also be entitled to pyrotechnics and even drones INSIDE the theater( a first in a Disney Park ). During one of the 5 daily performances you will discover Thanos trying again to destroy the Avengers. But luckily Black Widow and Spider-Man will thwart this attack alongside Iron Man (who will fly over your heads), Nebula, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and more.

After all these emotions, you'll go to the Place des Stars which will be the heart of this celebration with its titanic decorations.

Let's continue with the second big show of the season "Stark Expo presents: Energy for Tomorrow" on the outdoor Production Courtyard scene that will be entitled to 6 daily performances. There, Tony Stark will present his latest invention: the reactor Arc ( invention we will find in a few years at the heart of the new Iron Man coaster attraction replacing the Rock'n'Roller Coaster with Aerosmith ). The sneaky Loki will attempt to throw chaos in this presentation, but his brother Thor, accompanied by Black Widow and Spider-Man (which will make a dramatic twirling entry) will obviously counteract.

Then will come the most crazy show of the season: "Dance with the Guardians of the Galaxy" which will also take place 6 times a day on a second stage specifically built for the occasion on the Place des Stars. Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, and Gamora will need you to escape Taneleer Tivan's heat sensors, says the Collector. For that, only one solution: to raise the temperature by dancing on the iconic music of the 70s and 80s. If you already want to warm up, our friends from Mousesteps have posted this video HERE of the American version of the show at Disney California Adventure Park.

After all these efforts, what better than a small moment of relaxation in good company? So meet Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America. But if you have decided to invest in a Marvel Signature Stay, your steps will also lead you to an exclusive meeting with Spider-Man that will welcome you in its brand new exclusive outfit inherited from its latest adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Spider- Man Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War."

And now, here are exclusive pictures of DLP announcement event yesterday at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, shot for D&M by Disney and more contributor Robert Stallard, whom i thanks a lot! You can follow Robert on his Facebook page Robert and Duffy's Adventures at Disneyland Paris HERE.

Costumes of Marvel Super-heroes Iron Man, Thor, Dr Strange, Black Panther, Star Lord and  were displayed in the event room.

Also displayed during the event, the artwork of the upcoming Iron Man attraction coming at DLP WDS in 2019 or 2020 in the current Rock and Roller Coaster building. I can't tell you more for now about the Iron Man ride but those of you who think it will be just a quick lifting are in for a big, BIG surprise. I'll go as far as to say that the Iron Man ride will be hugely popular from day one, probably as much as Space Mountain was when it opened twenty-three years ago!

Then came the presentation of the Marvel show itself, you have the video above in this article.

Also on display ding the announcement event a selection of merchandise products which will be released for the Summer of Super-Heroes.

Thanks again to Robert and Duffy for the pictures of the announcement event!

Marvel Summer of Super Heroes will start June 10 until September 30, so don't miss it!

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If you've never seen the book before, don't miss the video below showing the full 320 pages of the book!

Pictures : copyright Disney, Robert Stallard

Videos: copyright Robert Stallard