Friday, June 28, 2013

D23 Expo Parks and Resorts Presentation of WDI Projects Cancelled

This surely will be a very bad news for Disney fans who were highly awaiting Tom Staggs presentation of Disney parks projects but according to Imagineer Dave Fisher - Producer for the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts D23 Expo Pavilion - in a Mice Age article posted today, there will be no announcements of upcoming WDI projects at the D23 Expo this August.

Instead WDI who is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year will organize several panels with "Disney Legends and the creative minds of today and tomorrow to celebrate this momentous occasion". And the highly popular Parks and Resorts pavillion will also be dedicated to Walt DisneyImagineering 60th Anniversary with "Imagineers on hand, demonstrations of some of our core disciplines, the technologies and techniques we use in our work… Plus we will be showcasing several pieces from our Art Library, many of them rarely seen outside the walls of Walt Disney Imagineering" says Dave Fisher.

All this looks pretty good and Dave reveals more in the Mice Age article HERE, but what is the reason why the Tom Staggs presentation of future projects has been cancelled? It sounds really surprising considering the many projects we know WDI is working on - Avatar Land, Star Wars Land, WDS Ratatouille ride, Monsters Inc land, Shanghaî Disneyland, etc...

Well, from what i've been told the Avatar project is not yet finalized and any designs about it are so classified that no Imagineer not working on the project is allowed in the Avatar design room, the Star Wars land project is not ready yet to be presented as well as anything about Shanghaî Disneyland until everything about SDL will be approved by the Chinese as Disney is afraid that any bad comments could make the Chinese asking for major changes in the project. With the impossibility to announce or release more infos on these three major projects there was not a lot of major things to be announced, at least for the U.S parks as the Ratatouille ride already officially announced is for Disneyland Paris.

Fans surely will be upset but even if this is surely disappointing all these projects if not announced at D23 Expo will have an official announcement anyway, so we just need to be a bit more patient... In the meantime jump to Mice Age to read the full Dave Ficher answers to Mice Age questions as there is more in the interview that will surely interest you.

That said, now that we know what will NOT happen, may be you want to know a bit more of what WILL happen, and this press release will answer the question:

"D23 Expo guests will get an up-close look at an eclectic array of Imagineering’s creative minds – ride engineers, model builders, pre-visualization artists, special effects designers, inventors, and show animators. You’ll also have the chance to glimpse the “workspaces” of several project teams from around Disney’s global portfolio of parks and resorts.

And for the first time at the D23 Expo, Walt Disney Imagineering will be showcasing some of its most historical and revered concept art from its Art Library, including Herb Ryman’s original drawing of Disneyland park. In the Disney Parks pavilion, D23 Expo guests will have the chance to explore Mickey’s of Glendale, an outlet of Walt Disney Imagineering’s employee-only store, to shop for unique souvenirs and collectibles and Walt Disney Imagineering merchandise not available anywhere else.

D23 Expo attendees will also be able to attend 12 unique presentations and panel discussions that will take fans on the incredible journey behind the latest Disney resorts, attractions, and entertainment including:

The Art and Artistry of Aulani – Imagineers Joe Rohde and Jeanette Lomboy will share the authentic tapestry of art and stories found at Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa.

Mayhem, Mischief, and Monkeys: The Magic of Mystic Manor – Join Imagineers Joe Lanzisero and others for the strange stories behind Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor, the newest and one of the most sophisticated attractions ever built.

Undiscovered Disneyland – Legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter shares rare and never-before-seen footage of the early days of Disneyland park, from design and construction through opening day.

Broadcasts from Buena Vista Street – Enjoy the latest “soundtrack” from Buena Vista Street, featuring a live performance of Scary Symphony from radio station KBVS and a panel discussion led by Imagineers.

Disney Ambassadors – Join current Disney Parks Ambassadors from around the world as they discuss this renowned program and share insights about its rich heritage, current outreach efforts, and the importance of sharing Disney goodwill.

Voices of the Disney Parks – Back by popular demand, this panel of famous Disney voices will gather for an encore panel discussion, including recreations of some unforgettable Disney Parks sayings.

Charles Phoenix Presents – Noted humorist and self-proclaimed “retro daddy” Charles Phoenix shares some of his favorite images from around Disney, featuring classic kitsch, clashing color schemes, and hairdos that truly defy gravity.

Disney’s D23 Expo is August 9-11 in Anaheim and tickets are now on sale. On Sunday, August 11, there will be a full day dedicated to the celebration of Walt Disney Imagineering’s 60th anniversary. The presentations in the 2,000-seat Stage 23 Theater with current and former Imagineers will explore a wide range of topics from working with Walt Disney himself, to the exploration of creativity, innovation, and humor in the parks, to a lively discussion of what it’s like to lead one of the world’s most creative organizations." Picture: copyright Disney

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Imagineer Rolly Crump Memories on Walt Disney's Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room

WDI Imagineer Rolly Crump remember the day Walt Disney asked him to design a Tahitian restaurant for Disneyland Tomorrowland. Instead than a restaurant it ended to be an attraction - the Enchanted Tiki Room - and Rolly sculpted tikis gods for one of the most beloved Disneyland attraction. In this video from Disney Parks Rolly tell you more about how it all began.

Picture and video: copyright Disney
Editors' Note: The big Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary event will happen next friday and saturday June 28-29 at Disneyland! I repost below the article showing the best new collectibles items that will be on sale during the event. Note that if you canNOT attend the event at Disneyland it will be probably possible to order most of these Tiki Room 50th collectibles items through the Disneyland mail order service.

Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room Will Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary June 28-29 With Great Collectibles !

Disneyland will organized a Tiki Room 50th Anniversary event on June 28-29 - i.e next friday and saturday - and those of you who are fan of the attraction will have the choice between a lot of great Tiki Room collectibles that will be released on that date. Among them some great pin's as usual but also  others collectibles designed by great artists and here is a selection of my favorites.

Important Note: If you canNOT attend the event at Disneyland it will be probably possible to order most of these collectibles items through the Disneyland mail order service.

From great miniaturist Robert Olszewski this Enchanted Tiki Room building paper clip box at $39.95.

From the great Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily these two Tiki Goddess figures...

...but also these Tiki Mugs and Rongo bowl.

SHAG is also back with new artworks inspired by the Tiki Room, as great as his previous Adventureland artworks... well as as series of postcards inspired by the Tiki gods.

Those of you who like the Vinylmation series will find five newly designed figures. Among them here are my three favorites...

There is many more artworks and collectibles to be released and you can discover all of them in the PDF brochure that i strongly suggest to have a look at or download at this link right HERE!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The OTHER Spiderman Ride That You May Not Know

Sure the Spiderman ride of Islands of Adventure Marvel Superheroes Island is undoubtedly one of the best ride in the world nut, guess what, there is another Spiderman ride in the U.S and in this one guests even have infra-red guns to shoot at the villains!

It opened 5-6 years ago at the Niagara Falls Adventure City where it was called "Ultimate Spiderman", and even if it can't be compared to the perfection of the IOA ride it doesn't look that bad at all... 

According to a Youtube comment "The arcade complex "Marvel Superhero Adventure City" lost the rights to the Marvel characters. The place now calls themself "Adventure City". The whole place feels like it's been stripped down to generic names and attractions. This ride is still open only it is very different without the "Spider-Man" theme".  

Anyway, have a look at the video!

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer received yesterday a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and  Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise joined him for the special ceremony outside the El Capitan Theater. Johnny did a short speech and here is a short video of it as well as sound bits from Jerry Bruckheimer.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Video of The Lone Ranger World Premiere at DCA !

The Lone Ranger opens in US theaters July 3, 2013 but the World Premiere happened yesterday evening at DCA and you can see the full Premiere red carpet event on the video below!

Picture: copyright Disney