Saturday, February 15, 2020

How Disney's Animal Kingdom Pandora Flight of Passage Ride Works

Thanks to Coaster Labs new video learn how Pandora Flight of Passage works! His new video will explain to you not only how the ride works but also all the special effects used in the queue itself!

Flight of Passage was by far the most anticipated ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This ride combines an innovative ride system with stunning 3D animation into one jaw dropping ride. With all this amazing technology, it's no wonder this ride left fans so anxious to ride. But how does Avatar: Flight of Passage Work? Let's find out!

lAlso earn how Star Wars : Rise of the Resistance works at WDW & Disneyland and how Universal Islands of Adventure Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure Works with Coaster Labs previous videos that you can see in the D&M article HERE.

Video: copyright Coaster Labs

Harrison Ford Confirms That the Filming of Indiana Jones 5 Will Start in Two Months !

In a conversation with CBS correspondent Lee Cowan to be broadcast on "CBS Sunday Morning" on February 16, Harrison Ford talks about returning as Indiana Jones in the fifth installment of the beloved franchise and reveal that the filming should start in two months!

Video: copyright CBS

BREAKING: Hong Kong Government Obtain Disney's Consent to Use Part of the Land Kept for HKDL Phase 2 for Coronavirus Quarantine Facilities

Hong Kong government obtain Disney's consent to use part of the land kept for HKDL phase 2 for coronavirus quarantine facilities. "Secured the consent from the company to offer part of the site of phase 2 land designated for Disney theme park for future expansion. At this stage, the HK government is still looking for a suitable location, but it hopes to use the phase 2 land of the resort if necessary."

This is the land that you can see on the picture above, which is kept for HKDL second park. As the park is closed for now, last week Hong Kong government was thinking asking Disney to use HKDL hotels for people under quarantine, but of course there was no way Disney was going to agree on that,with all the decontamination problems which inevitably would happen once the outbreak wil be over, etc...

Luckily Disney had this empty land to offer in exchange, on which it should be not too complicated to build temporary quarantine facilities, and as HKDL second gate won't be built anytime soon, it shouldn't be any problem.

Watch the video below with a Hong Kong official talking about this.

Below, good aerial picture of Hong Kong Disneyland, showing on the right the land kept for the second park, the land that Disney agreed for a use in quarantine facilities, if needed. According to This is Mr B, Disney has set a threshold for building the second park, which is to reach 10 million visitors within a year, and construction of the phase 2 is planned for / or after 2025. If Hong Kong Disneyland reach 10 million entrances in 2025, or at least 8 million, the second phase will be kept. ( Hong Kong Disneyland's best performance in the past years was 7.5 million ). If there are not 8 million visitors in 2025, you can say bye-bye to the phase 2 of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak and the temporary closure of the park HKDL was seriously hit by the unrests in Hong Kong. How much hit? This CNN article HERE posted last year will give you an idea - CNN by the way confirms that Hong Kong Disneyland has agreed to lend Phase 2 vacant land to the government as potential quarantine facilities, as have said city officials in a press conference yesterday:

“We need quarantine facilities for surveillance. We will leave no stones unturned … We have secured the company’s consent to use part of the site if it is needed,” said Edward Yau Tang-wah, head of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau.

The HK government has not released any schedule or plans on whether or when the designated site will be used. There are currently 56 cases of confirmed novel coronavirus in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

DLP Walt Disney Studios Frozen Land Blueprints !

You were awaiting them, here are the blueprints of the future Frozen land at the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris, thanks to our friends from OutsideEars who posted them on their Facebook page HERE.

The new Frozen land - official concept-art above - will include a flume ride attraction, identical to the one currently under construction at Hong Kong Disneyland which itself will be close to the ride at Epcot Norway's pavilion, two shops as well as a restaurant and a meet and greet location with Anna and Elsa from Arendelle.

The two first blueprints below shows Arendelle village buildings and, behind, the mountain and the Ice Castle near the top.

Next one below is a map of the land. Note the canal on the right as well as the "bassin d'agrément" on teh top right. A rumor is saying that the WDS will have a floating parade - like they have at Tokyo DisneySea and floating floats would reach the future central lake moving through the canal.

But, wait, there is dozens more concept-arts, plans, etc... that have been posted by DLP Report, on which you can see where everything is indicated, from the dimensions of each buikding to the materials that will be used to build this or that element and, interestingly, we learn that the ride show building will be in fact "inside" the 36 meters high snow mountain - or, if you prefer, that the mountain will also be used to hide the show building.The Arendelle castle will be 21 meters high. It's extremely rare to be able to see this kind of documents before a land is built, so make sure to check all the pictures in the post shared on the D&M Facebook page HERE.

One more thing: No date has been announced yet for the opening of the Frozen land. As the Avengers Campus is opening in 2021, the Frozen land could open in 2023.

Pictures : copyright Disney

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THEME PARK PROJECT MANAGEMENT, a New Book From Imagineer Val Usle

THEME PARK PROJECT MANAGEMENT is a new 168 pages book from Imagineer Val Usle which should interest anyone looking to learn more about the making of theme parks!

In this book, former Walt Disney Imagineer Val Usle captures best practice remedies to sources of drama that swirl around a Big Idea that has emerged from the shelter of Blue Sky and into a Project needing technical, operational, and commercial vetting. The outcome of this vetting is binary – that is the Big Idea gets stronger and the Project goes onto the next phase of work or it dies and unceremoniously moves to an art vault.

Project Management is the process used to robustly vet the Big Idea by providing process lanes for a Team that includes an Artist at its nucleus. However, to be successful Project Management needs more than just a framework for artistic, technical, operational, and business transactions. It needs to address the human physics that comes with scary smart people working under pressure to help the Big Idea get stronger so that it overcomes all the reasons not to build it.

The human glue bridging the gap between pure process and effectively harnessing the team’s talents is the Project Manager, and that person’s role is at the heart of this book."

You can find the book on Amazon for $24.50 HERE.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Oscars 2020 - Academy Awards Winners

It was the Oscars 2020 evening last night at the Dolby Theatre and the Academy Awards ceremony was as as usual the most awaited event of the year at Hollywood, so let's have a look at the main winners would we?

South Korean film "Parasite" was the big winner at these Oscars 2020 , winning the Best Movie award, Best Foreign Movie award, Best Director award and Best Original Screenplay!

Brad Pitt won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and, boy, does he deserves it! Watch his cool acceptance speech below. Best Actor Award went to Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker", Best Actress Award was for Renée Zellweger in "Judy", Best Supportive Actress was for Laura Dern, "Marriage Story".

Toy Story 4 won for best animated film in The Academy Awards's 92nd ceremony last night. Watch Josh Cooley, Mark Nielsen and Jonas Rivera accept the Oscar for Animated Feature Film.

"Hair Love" is the Academy Award winner in the "Best Animated Short" category, you can watch it in full below!

Bob Iger was of course at the Academy Awards ceremony last night and ain this short interview Iger opened up about the $75-million “Hamilton” movie deal.

Last but not least, one of the Oscars Moment: Idina Menzel, Aurora and nine of the world's Elsas just took to the stage for a performance of "Into the Unknown."

For all others Academy Awards categories, please check the complete list of Oscars winners on Variety HERE.