Saturday, May 31, 2008

Buzz Lightyear goes infinity and beyond......TODAY !

Guess what? Buzz Lightyear is REALLY going into space, and he will blast off from Cape Canaveral today may 31st aboard Space Shuttle Discovery! Me who always dreamed to go into space, i know what i have to ask for in my next life: to be reincarnate in a toy - a space toy!

More seriously, here are details about this buzz Lightyear space flight in the press release after the event "trailer" below.

To Infinity and Beyond! Disney Parks and NASA Send Buzz Lightyear into Space

- Mission Coincides with "Launch" of New Educational Initiative and the Debut of Toy Story Mania! at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts -

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., May 29 /CNW/ - It's a dream come true for Buzz Lightyear as Disney Parks and NASA send the 12-inch-tall action figure "to infinity and beyond!" Buzz Lightyear will blast off aboard Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-124. Liftoff from Kennedy Space Center is scheduled for 5:02 p.m. ET on May 31.
Buzz's dream of going "to infinity and beyond" will finally come true during the mission when - with the help of the crew - he will fly in zero gravity inside the International Space Station as part of NASA's "Toys in Space" initiative. Through this program, Buzz will help introduce fun elements from space into science and math classrooms across the country.
With Buzz will launch the aspiration of millions of school children who dream of space travel. STS-124 will coincide with the kickoff of the Space Ranger Education Series - part of NASA's "Toys in Space," an educational program for teachers and students. The program builds on NASA's educational goals of encouraging students to pursue studies in science, technology and mathematics (STEM) subjects, which are vitally important in sustaining U.S. economic competitiveness and technological leadership.
Developed by Disney and NASA, "Toys in Space" features materials for educators to download and integrate into their classroom curriculum as well as online, educational games linked to each key component of the mission. The series, hosted at, will be available throughout 2008.
"NASA is excited to help students understand the science and engineering currently underway on the International Space Station," said Dr. Joyce Winterton, NASA Assistant Administrator for Education. "The educational games and resources from this partnership will allow students to explore the science and math behind space exploration with a beloved character."
Buzz's groundbreaking mission into space also coincides the launch of his latest debut on earth in Toy Story Mania!, Disney Parks new attraction that opens May 31 at Walt Disney World in Florida and June 17 at Disneyland Resort
in California.
"The Space Ranger Education Series will give teachers an opportunity to incorporate a fun and engaging moment into the classroom with a character that children really love," said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "We're pleased to join NASA in creating a program that can help keep kids excited about math and science."


Buzz will spend several months in space at the International Space Station (ISS) testing the limits of zero gravity before returning home to a hero's welcome at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida later this year. While in space, Buzz will participate in an experiment flying in zero gravity and appear in a video downlink from the ISS.
The Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-124 will travel with seven astronauts to install Kibo's large Japanese Pressurized Module (JPM) and the lab's robotic arm system.
For additional information about the educational series and NASA programs, guests may visit

Let's end with another video where Veteran astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentors Buzz Lightyear, co-star of the Disney-Pixar Toy Story films. Buzz (the toy) is headed to the International Space Station aboard Space Shuttle Discovery to commemorate the opening of "Toy Story Mania!" at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California.

Photo: copyright Pixar

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only 30 more days to wait before the release of TWO new Pixar movies !

I know, i am supposed to have some rest according to my previous announcement, but i enjoy so much doing this blog that i can't stop self-transgression! To come back to the title of this topic, yes, in 30 days we will have not one, but two new Pixar productions! You all know the first one - the big movie - i.e " Wall-E ", but as usual with each new long animated feature, there will be a " short " animated, and this one is called " Presto ". And we all know how good the Pixar shorts can be - remember " Lifted " last year?

As Bill Desowitz excellent article learn us " Presto is a slapstick ode to Warner Bros. and Tom and Jerry toons, in which a turn-of-the-century magician finds himself in a hilarious onstage feud with his hungry rabbit. Talk about a carrot and stick reversal. Presto, the magician, has never experienced such humiliation, as the crafty rabbit, Alec, gives him a taste of his own supernatural hocus pocus."

Much more to read about this Presto short directed by Pixar animator Doug Sweetland in this great article on the Animation World Magazine web site HERE

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Editor's note: As written below - after the Indiana Jones and the summer of hidden mysteries post - new articles on D&M will stop for some weeks, but if you want to know what will be the next big E-Ticket attraction at WDW Magic Kingdom, don't miss the Blue Sky Disney Honor Hunter's article right HERE !

Monday, May 26, 2008

Disneyland's Indiana Jones and the summer of hidden mysteries Videos

Hello, All. Yes, i know, i know, yesterday i told you i had to take some rest for a while, and today i am back with a new topic!... but, frankly, i thought i could not leave you without some news and videos of the awaited Indiana Jones and the summer of hidden mysteries at Disneyland...

So, here is a best-of of the available videos, beginning by the "official" one...

This next one will show you some of the stunt scenes all around Adventureland.

And these two last videos - coming from Mouse Times - shows the full Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger show.

Youtube Videos: copyright Disney, TopChefRemy and Mouse

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bad news for Disney and more readers...

Hello, for all of you dear Disney and more readers who love my blog, it is going to be probably a bad news as i will stop to post new topics for several weeks, and may be even some months. Forever? Certainly not, as i really enjoyed doing this site, but it has been a tough year for me, and i am incredibly exhausted, so i really need to stop for a while, trying to concentrate my energy on other projects i have promised to finish.

In the meantime, please have a look at the disney and more archives on the right column, there is dozens of great topics of artwork, photos and great videos to discover or re-discover again, and everything worth the look, really.

All the major new attractions for this year are now open, and i did special report on all of them on D&M that you will find also easily if you scroll down on the right.

Thanks again to all of you for your support since the beginning of Disney and more, and hopefully i will be back soon with great new articles!