Saturday, March 2, 2013

FIVE Millions Visitors Since Disney and more Started !

This week the D&M Facebook page reached the 1000 "likes" - in two months and a half only, AND also Disney and more reached the milestone of Five Millions visitors since i started the site in 2007! All my thanks to all of you to be faithful Disney and more readers!
And to celebrate this, i'm doing a special promo on the DLP Book "From Sketch to Reality" to make it more affordable for everyone. You'll find all details about it at the end of the DLP Update below!

Friday, March 1, 2013

DLP Update! DLP Annual Stockholder Meeting, Disney Light Ears Preview Video, Ratatouille Ride, and more...

Let's end the week with a great DLP Update! Two days ago was the day of Disneyland Paris annual stockholder meeting and if you've never seen how it looks i have the pictures for you, thanks to Max Fan from Dlrp Welcome.

The meeting happened at the Newport Bay Hotel, and yes, it's always the winter in Paris so the skies are still grey and temperatures reaaaly cold - it was snowing again this week!

Direction: the convention hall ballroom which is huge and really nice.

But before entering the convention room everyone had to present his I.D.

Everyone received an electronic device to vote,  a gift coupon, a stockholder badge, and the annual report brochure.

Max was one of the first to enter the room!

Then the meeting began with giant projections behind the stage.

DLP CEO Philippe Gas answered to stockholder questions after presenting the report, talking about the future of the resort, and most of all as i told you in my previous post HERE he announced officially the Ratatouille attraction, opening in 2014 at the WDS.

But the real moment of the meeting which impressed the stockholders was the special preview of the Disney Light Ears that DLP will introduce with the Disney Dreams show.

And, guess what, thanks to Max, i have the video for you of that special moment!

Let's move to the Walt Disney Studios for the second part of this update to have a look at the Ratatouille ride works. As it is the winter you won't see on these pictures a lot of workers on the site but obviously the show building which is really huge is now ready for its theming and to install the ride inside.

A close-up to the building and what will be the ride entrance...

But since the last time that Max shot pictures some few things have changed, specially all around the top of the building.

As i've said previously don't expect the real theming of the building before spring but this will come quickly!

And now i have a surprise for you! This week the D&M Facebook page reached the 1000 "likes" - in two months and a half only, AND also Disney and more reached the milestone of Five Millions visitors since i started the site in 2007! Thanks to all of you, of course, to be faithful D&M readers!
And to celebrate this, the DLP Book "From Sketch to Reality" will be at 75€ only - instead of 120€ during all next week, its lowest price ever!. Shipping wherever you live is 15€ only.
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Never seen the book? Have a look at the video below which will show you the whole book!

Pictures: copyright Max Fan

Thursday, February 28, 2013

First D23 Expo Japan To Be Held At Tokyo Disney Resort Next October

Lucky japanese who will have their first D23 Expo in Japan next October! D23 Expo Japan will be held at Tokyo Disney Resort from Oct. 12 through 14, 2013 "featuring presentations by senior Disney creative executives showcasing what’s on the horizon from across The Walt Disney Company, including theme parks, movies, television, music and interactive gaming". 

"Fans will also be able to enjoy unique experiences including having the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind merchandise, meeting many of their favorite Disney characters and other specials. Expo ticketing and programing information will be announced soon".

Ratatouille Dark Ride Announced Officially By Disneyland Paris !

Wow, what a news! Although each Disney Parks fan knew since at least a year and a half that a Ratatouille dark ride is coming at DLP Walt Disney Studios in 2014, DLP never announced it officially... until today! So, now it's 100% not anymore a rumor and here is the official press release! You can also download DLP 2012 annual report which is now available HERE.

New Ratatouille-themed attraction announced for Disneyland Paris in 2014 

Marne-la-Vallée, 28 February 2013. During the group’s annual shareholder meeting on 28 February, Euro Disney Chairman Philippe Gas announced plans for the continued development of Disneyland Paris, with the addition of a new attraction based on the hit Disney/Pixar movie Ratatouille.

‘Our new family-focused Ratatouille attraction, which is scheduled to open in 2014, symbolises all of the creativity, innovation and emotion that guests associate with a Disneyland Paris experience,’ Gas said.

Set to open in Walt Disney Studios Park, the attraction is part of the group’s long-term commitment to investing in high-qua lity guest experiences. That strategy has been funda mental to strengthening the appeal of the multi-day destination, which achieved record-breaking attendance of 16 million visits in 2012.

This unique attraction will take guests into the world of the Oscar-winning Disney/Pixar movie Ratatouille which tells the tale of Remy – a talented young rat who dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology will come together in this romantic, larger-than-life, Parisian experience.

‘By developing this new Ratatouille attraction, we continue to ensure our guests can experience their favourite Disney stories in memorable ways that only Disney can provide,’ Gas said. ‘The theme, which is very français, is a tribute to our capital and the unforgettable characters that make Ratatouille the ideal choice for an attraction that fits perfectly at Disneyland Paris.’

The group also announced the extension of its 20th Anniversary celebrations until 30 September 2013. Guests now have a second chance to enjoy the festivities that include a new twist on the award-winning ‘Disney Dreams!’ spectacular. The unforgettable show will now be enriched with scenes from two much-loved Disney animated classics, The Lion King and Brave. In addition, each performance will become an interactive experience when guests wear Disney Light’Ears1. These magical Mickey ears will change colour in time with the show, making ‘Disney Dreams!’ an even more spectacular experience for the whole family.

1 Disney Light’Ears will be sold from summer 2013 at selected locations throughout Disneyland Paris and online. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Official : A Marvel Land coming to Hong Kong Disneyland !

I told it to you last monday in my HKDL update, and today it's official: a Marvel land will come to Hong Kong Disneyland! Wow, for once we didn't had to wait too long for an official confirmation as today, Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang said, “In the coming few years, Hong Kong Disneyland will launch a new night-time parade and put in place a themed area featuring ‘Marvel heroes’, the first of its kind in the world.”

So, it seems that HKDL will be the first Disney theme park to have a Marvel land! For more infos about where it should be built in the park - in Tomorrowland, in fact - see last monday's update HERE.

Rare 1971 Walt Disney World Aerial Pics

You know how i like to find for you some rare pictures you've never seen anywhere else, don't you? Last week i've posted these never seen before pictures of Walt Disney's 1965 WDW press announcement, and today i have for you rare - and probably also never seen before - aerial pictures of Walt Disney World shot in 1971, just after its opening - so these pics were shot more than 40 years ago!

Let's begin by the picture below which shows a swamp and lake on WDW Property.
The funny thing is that it almost looks like a hidden Mickey...

The next one shows the transportation center and in the background the Contemporary Resort and the Magic Kingdom.

Another view of the Transportation center and the Contemporary Resort but this one is also showing Seven Seas Lagoon and Discovery Island on the right.

On the left, an aerial view of the Polynesian Resort.

On its way to the Magic Kingdom, the WDW Monorail!

Another view of the Contemporary Resort and Seven Seas Lagoon.

Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom, on the right of the picture.

Flying over the Magic Kingdom, freshly opened.

A great view of Cinderella Castle with Fantasyland, and in the back, Main street and Seven Seas lagoon.

And what about seeing the Magic Kingdom from the ground with also 1971 pics, you ask? Good news, as i've also found these for you. Come back tomorrow, we will land, and you'll see how it looked inside the Magic Kingdom just after its opening!

Pictures: copyright State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Artist Joey Chou has created some nice pieces of art inspired by Oz,The great and Powerful

Artist Joey Chou has created some nice pieces of art inspired by Oz,The Great and Powerful. Sometime Disney art can be cheesy but these ones are quite good, so have a look. Joey will be on hand for a special appearance and signing on March 9 from 5–7 p.m. at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District.These “Oz The Great and Powerful”-inspired pieces will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out and for more infos have a read on the Disney Parks blog HERE.

Pictures: copyright Disney

Editors Note: Today's updates are on my Innoventions Blog - you know, my other blog on which i talk about amazing "Innoventions" which deserved to be known. And the two new  posts that i've just put on line are talking about interesting inventions which will be part of our present anytime soon. 
The first one is the amazing 3Doodler 3D pen, a pen which transform in 3D instantly anything you're drawing with it! And the other one is about the Google Glass, thanks to which you'll be able - among others features - to film theme park rides exactly like your eyes are seeing them! Though there is also a downside to these Google Glasses it worth at least to have a closer look at them. 
And all you have to do to discover more about these two new inventions is to do the jump to my Innoventions Blog right HERE.   

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland Update

An interesting article was published today by the South China Morning Post - which arrived perfectly for my today's HKDL update. It's about HKDL expansion plans and here is what they say:
Hong Kong Disneyland expansion plan includes third hotel

"Hong Kong Disneyland and the government are in talks over the theme park’s expansion plans, a tourism official said on Monday.
Philip Yung Wai-hung, the tourism commission chief, said planning was under way to expand the park on seven hectares of land unused during the park’s first phase of development.
Speaking a Legislative Council economic development panel session, Yung said the expansion plans included adding a third hotel to the park. The two current hotels have about 1,000 rooms between them.
“We are now doing the design, and we aim to report to the legislature within the year on the design and financial arrangements,” he said.
Andrew Kam Min-ho, managing director of the theme park, said his team had been mulling over a dozen proposals, trying to shortlist one or two for the final decision.
“Some are feasible, but some are not,” he said.
Lawmaker Michael Tien Puk-sun was concerned about whether Hong Kong’s 27-hectare theme park – among the smallest in the world – could rise to the challenge of Shanghai’s Disneyland, which is now under construction.
“What expansion plans do we have? Are we going to have a theme park the same size as an American one? Or will we stay a second-class theme park, rather than first-class?” he said.
Hong Kong Disneyland made a profit of HK$109 million – its first profit since opening in 2005 – in the fiscal year to last September.
Kam said the new attractions that opened last year gave a big boost to admissions and revenue.
About 6.7 million tourists, up by 13 per cent, visited the park last year, with 45 per cent from mainland China. It registered revenue of HK$4.2 billion".

So, what is the truth in all this. First, it's true that they are thinking to build a third hotel, they even kept the room for this from the start and chances are that this third hotel will be built in the land available that you can see on the picture above, between the HKDL Hotel and the Hollywood Hotel. BUT, from what i've been told - and what is confirmed by the South China Morning Post article - 
the building of the third hotel should be discussed in the Hong Kong legislative council because it involves large sums of money and this could affect the shares hold by Disney and HK Government. In two words, it's not totally "done" yet.

And what about new attractions, you ask? Well, first, when Andrew Kam says in the article that "his team had been mulling over a dozen proposals" he is not talking about hotels proposals but about attraction projects. We're happy to hear that HKDL has plenty of projects but which one will be the first to be built? The last expansions happened, chronologically, in Tomorrowland ( Autopia, Stitch ), Main Street ( Art of Animation ), Fantasyland ( It's a Small World , Toy Story Land ), Adventureland ( Grizzly Gulch and the upcoming Mystic Point with Mystic Manor ) and the next one should be a comeback to Tomorrowland.

The press, as we saw, said that HKDL holds now 12 plans but in fact the board could afford to build only one at the moment, and others press articles are saying that a Marvel land would be the most possible theme for HKDL next expansion, with an opening in 2017, may be before. But, do HKDL have the land available to build a Marvel land in Tomorrowland, knowing that Tomorrowland in HKDL is not that big? 

In fact, they do have some room available. One is located behind the Buzz Lightyear ride - a land where they previously thought to build Star Tours 2 before the project was cancelled - but this one ( "small land" on the picture above ) is too small for a Marvel Land. So,where? Well, if they do build a Marvel land - and i think they will - it will be on the land behind Space Mountain ( "big land" on the picture above ). Right now they are offices on it but they will remove them ( or at least some of them ) along with others things currently on that space to have the necessary land that HKDL Imagineers need to build this Marvel land. 

Will this Marvel land be build? Well, according to what Bob Iger have said in previous interviews, that the WDC intend to open Marvel rides in parks where they can do it -  i.e in Anaheim, in Europe at DLP, in Asia Disney parks but not at Orlando because of the previous deal of Universal with Marvel which gives an exclusivity to Universal for Marvel rides in theme parks "East of the Mississipi", i think they will do it. HKDL needs something that Shanghaî Disneyland might not have - at least at its opening - and a Marvel land would be perfect to boost once again the park attendance after the very good results they've got since they opened TSL and Grizzly Gulch. Hopefully we will know more about all this after Mystic Manor opening!

Pictures: copyright Keith Lee whom i thanks a lot.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Editor's Note: I'll be back tomorrow monday with an update about Hong Kong Disneyland future but in the meantime, as we're running low of english copies of the From Sketch to Reality book, you'll find below everything that you need to order your collector copy while they are available. Don't miss it!

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Although you've probably heard about this beautiful book, many of you may have never seen a copy of it. So we've done a video presentation of the full book which will show you each of the 320 pages of the book! The book includes 750 pictures of the park, including 250 gorgeous renderings of Walt Disney Imagineering and stunning pictures of the park seen from above. The book is so big that it took us seven and a half minutes to show you the full book, and that's without stopping turning each pages! So, if you want to have a closer look at a page don't hesitate to stop the video. Finally, because we didn't had any more a collector edition copy the video is showing the regular edition of the book, not the collector's edition that you will receive if you place your order, but the inside pages are exactly the same.

Description of the book:

The book is a gorgeous "coffee table book" with 320 pages and 750 pictures - of which 500 are park and attractions photos and 250 are Walt Disney Imagineering renderings!

The size is 9 x 12 inches, all pages are in color and it's hardbound with a glossy dust jacket. The text (by Disney historian Didier Ghez), was written after more than 75 interviews he conducted with all the Imagineers who created the park. He goes into just about everything you wanted to know about this unique place that many describe as the best "Magic Kingdom" ever created by WDI.

It took five years to create the book, but it was worth all the time we spent on it, and the book looks just as good as we had hoped for at the beginning - in fact Imagineer Bruce Gordon told us that it was "probably the best book ever done on a Disney theme park". Coming from Bruce who did with David Mumford the great "Disneyland, The Nickel Tour" book, it was more than a compliment.

The first chapter about Main Street has 52 pages and introduces the reader to the "legend" of Main Street, USA. You'll learn all about the Disneyland Paris Railroad, the unique "Discovery" and "Liberty" Arcades; find out about the architecture, the restaurants (like "Walt's," a tribute to Walt Disney, but also inspired by Club 33 in Anaheim) and the shops; with dozens of photos, renderings, models, and reproduced for the first time here, all the "cities of the future" posters located in "Discovery Arcade."

The second chapter on Frontierland discusses the park's western side with extensive sections about its major attractions, "Big Thunder Mountain" and "Phantom Manor." In fact the book has the longest sections ever put together in a book on all the major attractions. The Pirates of Caribbean section in the Adventureland chapter is 26 pages, Phantom Manor has 16 pages devoted to it, as does Space Mountain, it's a small world, etc. The photo material was so great that we kept adding more pages to the book, which was supposed to have only 240 pages when we started... we ended up with 320 upon completion!

The Frontierland chapter also covers the Mark Twain, the River Rogue Keelboats, Fort Comstock, all the restaurants, the shops and Cottonwood Creek Ranch.and featuring stunning photos of Disneyland Paris from the air by Yann Arthus Bertrand, author of The Earth from Above that make spectacular "double-pages," and allow the reader to discover the park from a whole different angle.

The Adventureland chapter is even more interesting, as many elements of the land exist only in Paris - such as the Bazaar and Aladdin to Africa and the ex-"Explorer's Club." Plus there's a long section about "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril," "Adventure Isle" and "The Swiss Robinson Treehouse" and, of course, "Pirates of Caribbean" the land's major attraction and featuring its amazing Audio-Animatronics! All in all there are 56 full pages about Adventureland, and as in the previous chapters, there are dozens of photos, lots of concept art, and many shots of Imagineers at work. There's even a great bonus here, with the Marc Davis artwork for "Pirates" also included.

56 full pages are also dedicated to Fantasyland. There's an extensive look at Sleeping Beauty Castle, sections on all the dark rides (Snow White, Peter Pan and Pinocchio), as well as a look at "Alice's Curious Labyrinth," the "Mad Hatter's Tea Cups," "Storybookland," and "Casey Jr." There are even 14 pages about "it's a small world" with stunning photos of nearly all the scenes in it. Here the reader can discover a new attraction that exists only at Disneyland Paris, with a great view from above of Alice's Labyrinth.

Discoveryland also gets 52 pages of special treatment, with sections on the Visionarium, the Nautilus, Star Tours, Space Mountain, and everything you wanted to know about the other attractions in this land – Autopia and Orbitron. In fact the Nautilus chapter takes you on a visit with photos of every room of this detailed walk-through and two double page photo spreads, one which makes you feel you're inside Captain Nemo's grand salon, and the other showing you a unique view of Discoveyland featuring the Nautilus and Space Mountain in a kind of "CinemaScope" view.

When the book was released in early 2002, the Walt Disney Studios didn't exist, so you won't see them in the book. But there's still one last chapter about the hotels of the park, and Disney Village too, with the great Buffalo Bill Wild West show that entertains hundreds each evening.

And because every day in a Magic Kingdom should end with a parade and fireworks, we have the Main Street Electrical Parade that close the book, with also an Herb Ryman gorgeous painting in the very last pages!

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Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Alain Littaye 2012