Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Less than 23 days to wait before...

,,,The highly-awaited release of Wall-E in the USA. And to keep you waiting, here is two new high-res pictures released by the WDC. Double-click on the one above to see how it looks gorgeous.

So, ready to pack your bag and get in the line - just like Wall-E below?

More new images to discover on the /Film.com web site HERE

By the way, let's not forget the short animated "Presto" with a new image released on Anne Thompson's Variety blog.

I have a very very good feeling about this short, i think these five minutes are going to be reeeeally funny!

And so let's end with the new Presto poster designed like the old magician posters of early last century

All photos: copyright Pixar


Greg said...

I can't wait for Wall-E. It looks like it will be Pixar's best!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are more frequent now than when you were posting regularly.
Interesting as always, thanks!