Friday, June 13, 2008

Wall-E " A Space Journey In Sound " New Featurette

When you're doing a movie about robots in the future, you surely need a good sound designer. And for Wall-E, Andrew Stanton choose the best one: Ben Burtt.

Who is Ben Burtt you ask? Well, first, Ben is four times academy award winner - four! - and his most memorable work includes creating the "voice" of robot R2-D2 in the Star Wars films, as well as various sound effects like the lightsaber, the heavy breathing sound of Darth Vader (by recording his own breathing in an old Dacor scuba regulator), and the speederbike chase sounds from Return of the Jedi...

So, you see, Ben is really the right man at the right place for all the Wall-E sounds, and Ben will explain you more in this very interesting featurette below!

Video: copyright Disney-Pixar


Anonymous said...

And the interesting part is, Ben Burtt uses an Apple Mac :-) I can't work out what App he's using though to produce the sound effects.

Greg said...

Nice video - very interesting. Thanks again Alain!