Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Pixar short movie "Presto" now available on ITunes Store !

The new Pixar short movie "Presto" is already available on the U.S ITunes Store for $1.99 ! Those of you who live in the U.S will see it just before Wall-E, but many other countries - like France where Wall-E is release only on July 30th - will have to wait one more month to discover it.

Now, everybody in the world can buy "Presto" on the ITunes Store IF you have a U.S ITunes Store account. And to have a U.S ITunes Store account, you need not only an adress in the U.S, but also a U.S credit card or bank account. If you do NOT have a U.S bank account, your last chance to order Presto is to have a friend in the U.S who can order and download it for you. And if you don't have an american friend, then you just gotta wait for Presto to be release on your local ITunes Store....and it can take a looong time - in France, for instance, last year Pixar short "Lifted" is still not available on the french ITunes Store - i know, it's absurd, but it's the sad truth...

Here is again the 30 seconds Presto preview - by the way, all the reviews on this Pixar short are highly positive...

Photo and video: copyright Disney-Pixar

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