Sunday, February 22, 2009

WALL-E won Best Animated Film Academy Award !

Yes! WALL-E won tonight the Best Animated Film of the Year Academy Award and the Oscar goes to Andrew Stanton and all Pixar animators, and, of course, WALL-E!

Disney and more send its best congratulations to Andrew Stanton and all Pixar animators who worked on this gorgeous animated movie. I personally loved it, so of course i am very happy that WALL-E won the academy-award!

Mmmmh, i think WALL-E is a little bit surprised by his new friend...

Here is Andrew Stanton receiving the Award last night.

Here is a video of Andrew Stanton backstage sending his best thanks.

And here is another video of Andrew Stanton backstage - as well as the winner of the short animated academy award - with Jack Black and Jennifer Aniston after he received the Oscar.

To celebrate this Award you can open a bottle of champagne or stay with WALL-E and have some fun with the WALL-E Pinball on the official website. Just like a real Pinball, with animated effects when the ball hit Eve or the Rocket !

AND for those of you who didn't succeed to watch the Oscar last night and Hugh Jackman fantastic ceremony opening, here is the video!

Pictures: copyright Disney-Pixar

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