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Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary - All about the Sept 9 Collectibles Event

It's the Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary and Disneyland will have a special collectibles event on 09-09-09!

LOT of artists are designing great Haunted Mansion collectibles for this event, and here below is a selection of them. The bad news is that all Disney packages which allows to be part of this HM collectible event on September 9 are now totally sold out... If you - like me - won't be able to attend the event and buy some of these collectibles, don't worry, you will be able to order them directly to Disneyland mail order service...or should be able to find them on EBay!

So, let's have a look to these awaited collectibles and let's begin by the two collectible designers genius Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily who are designing many different collectibles for this HM 40th anniversary. For now, two only have been shown. First this great Haunted Mansion Coffin - Edition Size: 500 - $75. Actually, the coffin will have a mechanism and the top of it with the skeleton arms will go up and down! In the same time, the green light in the coffin will switch on and off.

...and this also great 12" high Candelabra - Edition Size: 500 - $85.

Designed by Walt Disney Imagineer, John Mauvezin, this 24" high Haunted Mansion Door - only ONE available and at $5800! But it's going to be an amazing item, read details about it below.

This impressive piece stands two feet tall and was built from scratch by Walt Disney Imagineer John Mauvezin, from original WED blueprints. The wonderful attention to detail leaves nothing to the imagination. From the snake door handle to the carved skulls guarding the entrance, this free standing door has a hidden surprise.

Turning the door knob activates the ticking of the hallway clock along with its haunting chime. If you look through the keyhole you can see the clocks swinging pendulum and backwards spinning hands, while the ghostly shadow of a boney claw passes slowly by. this amazing illusion is accomplished through hidden mirrors and the magic of Disney. Keeping to true WED tradition , this is not a video playback, but an all mechanical effect. The clock itself is only 2" tall and is mounted deep inside the lower casework.

Due to the complexity of the inner merchandise, the artist recommends short runs and limited cycles. Made from plexiglas, styrene, wood and plaster. Hand painted.

Always from John, this 20" high Haunted Mansion Tabletop Clock which will work for real! - Edition Size: 40 - $250.

Sculpted by Dusty Horner, for Walt Disney Classics Collection this "Organ: Spirited Entertainer" will have an edition size of 500 - $225.

Artist Jim Shore is creating in his Disney Traditions series these "Hitchhiking Ghosts". It's an "open" edition - which mean it's not limited and the price will be $75.

Next, this "Haunted Mansion Serpant Door Handle Walking Stick" Inspired by the serpant door handle as it appears in the hallway scene in the attraction. - Edition Size: 50 - $295.

Then, these 9" high Haunted Mansion Griffin Bookends sculpted by Walt Disney Imagineer, Jim Crouch and Inspired by the griffin statues as they appear in the Haunted Mansion. Edition Size: 150 - $95.

A great idea for all chess players, although a bit expensive, this Haunted Mansion Painted Chess Set designed by Walt Disney Imagineer, Scott Goddard. Edition Size: 40 - $2000.

Pieces include the following:
Pawns - Tombstones
Rooks - Mausoleums
Knights - Singing Busts
Bishops - Opera Singers
Queen - Raven
King - Graveyard Caretaker

From the "Gallery of Light" collection of the great miniaturist Robert Olszewski these "Hitchhiking Ghosts" are an open edition and will cost $85.

Always by Robert Olszewski a Haunted Mansion Plaque Pokitpal. Open edition - $20.

Also, a beautiful Pocketwatch in Haunted Mansion Door Box. Inspired by the hallway scene, the door opens to reveal the wallpaper in the background and a pocketwatch which is reminiscent of the face of the ticking clock. Edition Size: 300 - $150.

Inspired by the famous opening scene, these Framed Glass Stretching Portraits. Edition Size: 500 - $95.

The Pins fans will specially like this series of lenticular pins of the "Attic Bride with Groom". Here are two of them (Before Beheading, After Beheading) - Edition Size: 999 - $14.95.

Also, this Black Widow Jumbo Slider Pin. Pull the black widow spider down and watch the grooms heads in the portraits disapper and Haunted Mansion 1969 - 2009 appear on a web! Edition Size: 999 - $13.95.

And one more item for the road, which is the least i can say as it is these "Haunted Mansion Wallpaper High Top Sneakers" - Edition Limited to Special Orders Only - $75.

The collectibles above are my personal choice - so, it's a totally subjective choice! There is many more items to discover on this special Disney HM 40th anniversary page.

So, what do you think of these Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary collectibles? Thanks to leave a comment or discuss this article on D&M english forum on Mice Chat

All pictures: copyright Disney

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Terry Paul said...

we are excited about this anniversary & intend to purchae the Organist figurine. We saw it several times this Summer at Off the Page Shop... way cool! When will it be available there do you know? We'd like to come down the weekend of Sept 11-13th.