Saturday, January 16, 2010

Return of the Man with the Hat ?

Hey, what about getting some news of an Indiana Jones 5? I know, i know, the number 4 was disappointing but who knows, may be they will have a great idea - and a better script - for the no 5?

And that's precisely what Georges Lucas is supposed to have. According to Harrison Ford in his latest interview on MTV last week, "Georges have a crazy idea for the Indy 5". Ooops, a "crazy" idea fom Georges Lucas is not necessarily a good news!

Anyway, have a look at this short interview in which the man with the hat tells more about his wishes for the next Indy.

Video: copyright MTV

Picture: copyright Lucas Film


DisWedWay said...

Maybe Shanghai will have the 5th Indy edition to go with the 5th film. "If Indy gets married to Karen, will it be a Carousel of Progress type attraction Goerge?"

Anonymous said...

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ANONYME said...

L'idée "folle" serait de changer le réalisateur et d'expliquer au producteur qu'on fait plus des films comme dans les années 90 !