Monday, March 8, 2010

Shanghai Disneyland won't open before 2015 at the earliest ?

Trading Markets reports a declaration of Shanghai mayor: "It may take five to six years for U.S. entertainment giant Walt Disney Co. to complete its Shanghai Disneyland theme park, pushing the opening to 2015 at the earliest, Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng said at the National People's Congress here.

The first phase of the park itself will be located on a 1.16-sq. -kilometer tract. The entire site is 3.9 sq. kilometers, with the remaining 2 .74 sq. kilometers slated for commercial facilities and parking."


Marco Antonio Garcia- São Paulo, Brazil. said...

Still think that the money would be better spent to improve the Hong Kong resort (I know that they are already working on a expansion).

Marco Antonio Garcia- São Paulo, Brazil. said...

Maybe I lost something Virginia. As far as I know, there is only one Disney theme park in China, actually a very small one located in Hong Kong, but if you say that there are multiple successful Disney parks there I believe you.
If you could tell me where they are located so I can visit them on my next trip I appreciate a lot.
Best Regards,

Alain Littaye said...

Marco Antonio, don't pay attention to Virginia's comment, it was only spam.

Anonymous said...

I suspected a delay as we are still awaiting any official information and renderings. I get quite impatient, though, as I really want to visit Shanghai, but I feel like I should wait until the park is done.