Monday, June 14, 2010

Blue Sky Cellar Update : Little Mermaid ride, Goofy's Sky School, and more - High-Res Pictures

Disney's California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar had a major update last friday and we're going to have a look at it in details thanks to special guest photographer Matt "2DieFR" whom i thanks a lot for his great pictures. It's a huge article with more than 60 photos and i'm sure you will join me to thanks Matt.

Lot of new renderings, blueprints, models, in this new Blue Sky Cellar update and we begin with the Red Car Trolley and will end with all about the awaited Little Mermaid ride. As usual each image is in high-res so click on each to explore them in details.

While we are in the area, let's stay there and let's have a look to some new Cars Land renderings.

Let's move now to Paradise Pier to learn more about the Goofy's Sky School attraction.

There is more about Paradise Pier development!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we're going to have a closer look to the one you're all waiting for, the Little Mermaid attraction!

The design of Little Mermaid building architecture and the blueprint of the ride are revealed!

The vehicles models are also displayed, here is some close-up pictures.

But the one you're really want to have a look at is the attraction model, right? Here is plenty of pictures of it, on every angle. I've tried to put the pictures in the right order of the scenes, and i hope i'm right!

There is also a new movie at Blue Sky Cellar's screening room and as usual it's a very interesting one. You'll see WDI Imagineers at work on the different projects, including the Little Mermaid ride and it's an exclusive look inside Imagineering. MintCrocodile shot a video of it - as usual his video is the best - and here it is below. Matt also shot some pictures during the screening and you'll find them after the video.

Hope you enjoyed this long Imagineering article and see you soon for more great updates!

All pictures: copyright 2DieFR whom i thanks a lot!

Youtube Video: copyright MintCrocodile. More great videos by MintCrocodile available on his Youtube channel HERE.


Mark Taft said...

Just wonderful stuff!
So... which side of the debate do you believe to be true- Is Mermaid an E ticket or a D ticket?


Anonymous said...

Incredible! Thank yo so much, and I am so glad you are continuing to post!

Erick said...

Great pictures. What type of camera was used? They are so crystal clear. Glad you are back!!

keithlee said...

Nice post!!!!!! Cant wait to see the water effect of the litter mermaid!
Thanks so much!

Al Ventureland said...

Concernant La Petite sirêne, le tout à l'air moins ambitieux que l'attraction d'origine, avec ses effets d'immersions et sa séquence finale avec Ursula, sobrement remplacé ici par une vue lointaine des évènements. C'est un peu dommage mais bon, ça promet quand même une bonne balade !)
Sinon merci encore d'avoir continuer Alain, ce blog est une vraie source quotidienne de plaisir et d'inspiration :)

Alain Littaye said...

Erick, i don't know what type of capera Matt is using but the pics were good indeed. I just re-framed some of them and enhance luminosity-contrast on some as it's not easy to shoot pictures without stand or flash inside the Blue sky Cellar.