Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking News : Shanghai city officials disclosed that Shanghai Disneyland will include three theme parks

Major news about Shanghai Disneyland today, and apparently coming "from the horse's mouth" i.e Shanghai officials who revealed that three theme parks are envisioned for Shanghai Disneyland. In the future, of course, not all three opening in 2015. The two others are supposed to be an Epcot and an Animal Kingdom! An Epcot in Shanghai? Considering how chineses love new technologies that may happen...and Shanghai temperatures may also allow to build an Animal Kingdom park... Also, SDL will also have a special Metro line! More about all this in the Shanghai Daily article below:

"It's all aboard the Disneyland express, after the city announced that a special Metro line will take visitors to the theme park when it opens in 2015.

The route of the 9.2-kilometer line was published online by Shanghai's environmental authorities yesterday to solicit public opinion on environment issues. Work on the dedicated Metro line, which is expected to cost 3.992 billion yuan (US$606.3 million), is set to begin in September. Trains will start running in July 2015.

The line will connect to Metro Line 11 at Luoshan Road Station, providing passengers from downtown Xujiahui area and suburban Jiading District with subway access to the much-anticipated park in Pudong. Its final stop - Disneyland station itself - will connect with the Metro Line 2 via shuttle bus lines.

The Disneyland metro line has three new stations: the elevated Kangqiao Road E. station, Hengxin Road station, and Disneyland station, which will be underground. The route will pass Zhoukang area before reaching Chuansha town.

Meanwhile, city officials disclosed that Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disneyland on China's mainland, will include three theme parks.

Details had been made public of one of the parks, "Magic Kingdom." The possible choices for the other two theme parks are "Epcot" and "Animal Kingdom," delegates at Shanghai People's Congress were told yesterday.

Dai Haibo, deputy director of Pudong New Area government and a congress deputy, said he was deeply impressed by the Orlando Disneyland which includes four theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. He promised that Shanghai Disneyland will provide entertainment for both adults and children.

Large-scale construction on phase 1 of the project is expected to get under way in May. There is no start date for the other parts."

But that's not all about SDL as some people are beginning to complain that Shanghai City should get bigger Disney cash share:

"To make Shanghai Disneyland profitable for the city, local government must ensure that Walt Disney Co gives it a bigger share of the income, a member of the city's top political advisory body proposed yesterday.

"Shanghai should try to negotiate with the Walt Disney Co to earn more sources of income from the project rather than just ticket sales," said Tu Haiming, a member of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

"It's the biggest lesson Shanghai should learn from Hong Kong, which hardly makes any profit from the Disneyland project, so far."

According to Tu, the Hong Kong government only takes home part of the proceeds from ticket sales.

Other more profitable sources of income, such as sales of Disney products, accommodation in its hotels, TV channels and English teaching projects, all belong to the Walt Disney Co.

Although the Hong Kong government paid more than 90 percent of total investment, it has gained little from the project, said Tu."


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I've been to imagineering in California late December, and they briefily talked about this project and showed a rendering of the Magic Kingdom, and apparently it is going to be different from all the others, like, for instance, there won't be a Main Street.

Regarding the other two parks, Animal Kingdom is a good idea, and they can do the mythicak animals land that they did not do in Florida, that would be something! An Epcot I wouldn't like to see, I would go for an original park concept.

They are really going to spend a lot of money on this project, but China has a lot of spare money, and it's better to invest in such a project, than to keep buying US treasury bonds, and for Disney they are going to open a huge market for their characters, products, films, that are still not very well known in China.

Anonymous said...

I really just don't see the size required by Animal Kingdom, unless the animal facilities would be built underground, utilidoors style.

No, I could see HKDL getting a second gate similar to Hollywood Studios, and Shanghai getting an Epcot (Westcot? Far Westcot?) and something along the lines of a Disney California Adventure 3.0... maybe with elements of DisneySea? Paradise Pier next to Hollywood Studios next to Mermaid Lagoon next to Toontown next to Buena Vista Street, next to Cape Cod, et al... I could see that more in the space provided by aerial views. But Animal Kingdom is far too big for this space.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they can build an Animal Kingdom park unless the whole park is indoors. Shanghai has a large range of temperatures throughout the year, it can get very hot in summer and then freezing in winter. I think Disney should better focus on the Hong Kong park first. Three mini lands are not enough, a lot of classic rides are missing...

Anonymous said...

The terrible Eisner era may be over, but Iger has yet to prove himself.

If they screw up these parks just like they did DLP, DCA and DHK; It won't matter what parks serve as the intended "inspiration" anyway.

William said...

I wonder why there has been no official news conference held jointly by Disney and Shanghai Government regarding the Shanghai Disneyland. They should briefly explain the cooperation arrangement and the details of the parks. Even South Korea's Universal Studio had held formal news conference to announce their park last year.