Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last news about Shanghai Disneyland !

Shanghai posted today some news about Shanghai Disneyland. It's all about the beginning of the works, so don't expect rides details but at least it proves that the project is on its way:

"LARGE-SCALE construction of the Shanghai Disneyland project could start as early as May with work on two major roads leading to the future theme park due to be completed in April, officials said yesterday.

Hangcheng Road and Tanghuang Road in the Pudong New Area are part of the 40 billion yuan (US$6.1 billion) infrastructure budget for the first Disneyland Park on China's mainland - a sum equal to Pudong's spend on infrastructure for last year's World Expo.

"A lot of construction vehicles and earth-moving vehicles will enter the plot through the two roads," a Pudong Construction and Traffic Bureau official surnamed Wang said yesterday.

"The two roads will be closed to the public, with only construction vehicles allowed to use them," he said.

All construction related to the Disneyland project is expected to be finished in 2014. The park is due to open in 2015.

Houses on the 3.9-square-kilometer site have all been cleared after residents were relocated in the middle of last year.

Work to expand three other related roads - Nanliu Road, Zhoudeng Road and Liufeng Road - will start in June, while work on Xiupu Road should start within the year.

The infrastructure projects include eight roads which will be the major routes to the Disneyland park and will cost about 10 billion yuan, Wang said.

A new elevated road is to be built on Shenjiang Road. Meanwhile, a river about 10 kilometers long and 60 meters wide is being created around the park area. "The river will make the theme park an enclosed area," Wang said. "It will facilitate the management of the park and adorn the landscape." Another water feature, a 0.39 square kilometer lake, will be built inside the amusement park.

Shanghai announced in November 2009 that it had gained central government approval for the Disneyland project.

The park will cover about 1.16 square kilometers, while facilities such as parking lots and dining areas will occupy up to 2.74 square kilometers."

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Anonymous said...

I dont really the "The park is due to open in 2015.", as i thought this park would open in 2014... Is it a mistake of the journalist ? A delay in the building ?... Or just me who didnt understand ?!
Anyway, the other part is good news !

Alicia said...

Wow! I am so amazed really with Disney Land reaching all corners of the world. I am actually picturing the planet earth to be a smiley like experiencing all the fun and excitement in the Disney World. This is really amazing and I am looking forward for the establishment of more future Disney World.